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gas engineer training review - testimonial from gas engineer trainee Babatunde


Babatunde recently completed his training to become a gas engineer, and kindly left a review of his experience as a gas engineer trainee with Access Training.



gas engineer training review - testimonial from gas engineer trainee Babatunde


Babatunde recently completed his training to become a gas engineer, and kindly left a review of his experience as a gas engineer trainee with Access Training.


becoming a gas engineer

University graduate Maycon recently trained to become a gas engineer with Access Training, and is here to share his training experience with you!

Maycon, a graduate with a background in aerospace engineering, found himself looking for diverse and flexible career opportunities following graduation and was drawn to gas engineering. If you’re interested in becoming a gas engineer, you may be interested in hearing more about Maycon’s experience!


electrician training courses - learn to be an electrician online

I began training at Access 18 months ago, studying the Essential Electrics course. I found the online training useful because I was living abroad at the time. I would watch the videos back and often at double speed to help improve my own efficiency! The webinars were the reason why I chose Access Training over other providers. Some of the content was of a slower pace but watching them at double speed allowed me to skip the chatter and non crucial information. I found the revision courses really useful online and appreciated that they were split up into topic areas.


retrain as a gas engineer - Demitri's review of Access Training


Changing careers and investing in further education can be scary. Demitri was a PE teacher before choosing to become a gas engineer with Access Training and hasn’t looked back since. We sat down with Demitri to find out more about how Access Training has changed his life. 


One of our fantastic students, Rob, is in the process of completing a variety of our training courses so he can start his own business. We've had the pleasure of catching up with Rob throughout his training and it's been great to see how much he's progressed. Today, we want to give you an overview of Rob's story to show you how we can help you steer your career in a new and exciting direction.

Rob's Background & Initial Training

For 35-40 years, Rob was working in IT and construction. This career took him all over the country and even abroad, but meant that he was often far away from his family, something that in later life, Rob wanted to rectify. When reflecting on his career, Rob decided that it was time to pursue a new avenue that would allow him to work for himself and spend more time at home. The courses we offer here at Access Training are fast-paced allowing Rob to gain the qualifications he needed for his new venture in no time at all.

Initially, Rob signed up for an Electrical Course, but later decided to take on a Plumbing and a Gas Course too! Having worked in the construction industry for most of his life, Rob knew that there was a significant skills gap in the sector. This presented itself as a great opportunity for Rob to pursue his own business, something that we were all too happy to help with. You can see our first interview with Rob in full below. 


Training for a Greener Future

We caught up with Rob a few months after our initial interview to see how he was getting on. Since we last spoke to him, Rob had completed a few more modules and had sat his assessment. If the assessment goes well, Rob will already be qualified to do the following:

  • Domestic installations
  • Commercial installations
  • Initial verifications on electrical systems
  • Periodic testing
  • PAT testing 

With an already impressive set of skills under his belt and in the pipeline, Rob isn't planning on stopping there. He has signed up for our Level 4 Electrical Design Course and for one of our new specialist courses that will teach him how to install charging points for electric cars. His enthusiasm for learning and for creating a greener world is admirable, and his aspirations for the future are in-line with this. 

Building a Greener Future

The skills Rob is gaining through our Electrical, Plumbing and Gas courses are setting him up perfectly for a career in renewable technologies which is the field he'd ultimately like to work in. We don't currently offer courses that cover photovoltaic (solar panel) installation or rainwater harvesting, but Rob has enrolled on our Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Course to get the ball rolling.

Once Rob has gained a few more eco-friendly skills, he plans to work with clients who want to build low carbon & self-sufficient homes, something we can expect to see a lot more of in the coming years. In the meantime, Rob can use the qualifications he's gained at Access Training to carry out gas, plumbing and electric work. We can't wait to see what he does next and we wish him the best of luck on his eco-friendly endeavours! You can see our second interview with Rob in full here. 

If, like Rob, you want to take your career in a new direction and work towards a greener future, explore our range of courses now! If you'd like to speak to one of our advisors, give us a call on 0800 345 7492. We look forward to hearing from you.

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