Testimonial: “I Implore People to invest in Access Training”

Testimonial: “I Implore People to invest in Access Training”

If you have a demanding career, then having to retrain to go into another may seem daunting. Bekani left a long-standing position with the Royal Engineers’ Bomb Disposal Unit for a career in trade and hasn’t looked back.

We sat down with her to learn more about her experience and where here career has taken her.

What Did You Do Before Training with Access Training? 

“Before completing Access Training’s gas course, I had no experience in trade whatsoever. In fact, I’d spent eleven and a half years serving in the military as part of the Royal Engineers’ Bomb Disposal unit and desired a less demanding career.”

How Did You Hear About Us?

“A friend and ex-colleague of mine was due to complete a plumbing course with Access Training, which he recommended to me. Having been in service for so long, adapting to a less intense career seemed quite daunting and I was quite unsure of how to go about starting anew. Access Training made it an exciting process, even for a bomb disposal engineer!

How Was Your Time with Access Training? 

“Signing up was a very smooth process. I was guided the entire way by the course advisers and any queries I had were swiftly and clearly answered with a phone call. When I received my military redundancy I immediately began my gas engineer training and I loved every minute - having been used to a practical, hands-on environment in the military, I was very much in my element at Access Training. 

“I learnt a huge amount during the course. The tutors are genuinely willing to go the extra mile. Just like the course advisers, they are always prepared to give you their time to help you with a query.”

What Have You Done Since Qualifying? 

“I finished the course fully qualified, with a better idea of what I wanted to do next. I was able to arrange for my work placement to be completed in Maidstone where I am from, which saved any excess driving. Working on site with a professional gas engineer was an invaluable experience, it provided for by Access Training, and gave me a significant confidence boost. 

“After the course, I was qualified and confident enough to apply for a job with British Gas. I’m hoping to gain as much experience as I can over the next couple of years doing this, before starting my own business and working for myself. 
“Had anybody told me a couple of years ago that I’d be thinking about starting my own gas engineering company or even applying to work for British Gas as a qualified gas engineer, I would never have thought it possible. 

“Careers in trade were things I’d believed required years of experience and apprenticeships in order to pursue. However, with Access Training, I have achieved this with a course lasting a matter of weeks. 

“To anybody who is dubious about starting a career in trade with no previous experience, I implore them to invest in Access Training and try it for themselves - I don’t know where I’d be had I not done so myself.”

If you want to be among the dozens of people like Bekani benefitting from Access Training’s top quality services, enquire with us about a course today. Our course advisers are always happy to answer any queries you may have.

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