Candidates who enrol onto this course will learn:

The Water Supply Regulations 1999 (and how to comply with them)
The primary legislation underpinning the Regulations
The documents used to enhance and explain the Regulations
The WRAS (Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme) is the UK’s water industry approval scheme. Passing our WRAS course will allow you to identify yourself as an approved plumber when seeking work; you will also be permitted to self-certify the work that you carry out.

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Who is this course aimed towards?

This course is ideal for candidates with some prior plumbing knowledge and experience who wish to get approved, join a Competent Person Scheme, and seek paid work in the plumbing trade.

If you are a beginner looking to learn the ropes of plumbing, why not try one of our career change courses instead?

What will I achieve?

If you successfully pass the written examination, you will receive the WRAS Certificate of Competence. This qualification is the industry standard for competent plumbers, and most companies will require you to have achieved this certification before they employ you.

Course content

When you enrol on Access Training’s WRAS course, you will receive a training package consisting of an introductory booklet, a support document, and a number of the following 9 training manuals
Introduction, background and legislation
The Water Regulations
Materials and substances in contact with water
Requirements for water fittings
Water System Design
Installation commissioning
Cross connections
Backflow prevention
Cold and hot water services

Progress routes

Once you have reached the level of ‘approved plumber’, Access Training Academies offer a number of other courses that will help you to further expand your plumbing expertise, including:You may also choose to bolster your skillset with additional trade training courses. We can help you to learn the ropes of electrical work, gas engineering, tiling, and numerous other disciplines.

Why Access Training?

Our students enjoy a number of different benefits, including:
  • Tuition and assistance from experienced specialists
  • Enhanced online assessments
  • Flexible courses that allow you to accommodate any other commitments you might have
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