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Essential Carpentry Course

This foundation-level course is perfect for those who wish to complete domestic jobs in their own home, as well as those with a view to becoming a professional tradesperson in the future.
  • The cutting and fitting of dado rails, architraves, skirtings and doorstops
  • How to erect stud-walls
  • How to fit a door lining/frame
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Professional Carpentry Course

Covering many areas including construction of stairways, doors, windows and much more, this professional carpentry course will enable you to complete an array of different carpentry work, and earn a reputation as a high-quality carpenter.
  • Fixing flooring and roofing by fixing verge and eave components
  • How to lay floor joists and fix joist coverings
  • Installing service encasements, cladding, kitchen worktops & fittings
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DIY Carpentry Course

Absolutely no previous experience is necessary for this course – it is suitable for anyone who is looking to complete a DIY project or who may be thinking about a future career in carpentry. It is the ideal first step if you want to learn carpentry and potentially proceed to an industry-recognised carpentry qualification at a later stage.
  • Bench joinery techniques
  • Hanging doors & fitting locks
  • Laying flooring
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NVQ Level 2 Certification – For Experienced Site Plasterers

All plasterers must earn the relevant NVQ Level 2 diploma before carrying out any on-site work. At Access Training Academies, you will complete your portfolio and get qualified in a matter of weeks.

On this course you will:
  • Complete an in-depth portfolio of evidence
  • Carry out work on-site
  • Learn to plaster to a high standard
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NVQ Level 2 Certification – For Experienced Site Plumbers

If you already have some plumbing experience and wish to work on-site at the professional level, you will first need to earn your NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing.

On this course you will:
  • Gather evidence of your work
  • Undergo a review with a professional assessor
  • Gain the qualification you need
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NVQ Level 2 Certification - For Experienced Site Carpenters

Access Training Academies offer an intensive course that, in the shortest possible time, allows experienced carpenters to:
  • Learn with experienced professionals
  • Compile a full portfolio of evidence
  • Achieve an industry-recognised qualification
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Essential Kitchen Fitting Course

Master all the skills required to plan and install a kitchen successfully.

This course is perfect for beginners and inexperienced individuals – no prior experience is needed to enrol. We will teach you all the skills required to fit a kitchen, including:
  • Measuring and marking up
  • Setting out, fixing and levelling
  • Cutting worktops
  • Installing sinks, taps and hobs
  • Installing appliances
  • Finishing the kitchen
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Professional Kitchen Fitting Course

Earn the qualifications you'll need to become a professional kitchen fitter!

This course combines theory with hands-on experience to get you ready to enter the kitchen fitting industry. Open to anyone – all experience levels are welcome, including novices.
  • Measuring and marking up
  • Setting out, fixing and levelling
  • Cutting worktops
  • Installing sinks, taps, hobs and appliances
  • Tiling splashbacks
  • Plumbing and soldering techniques
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Bathroom & Kitchen Fitting Course

We’ll train you to install both kitchens and bathroom suites with confidence.

Learn how to install sanitary ware and master the plumbing skills needed to install pipework, baths, toilets and basins. We'll also teach you how to fit a kitchen from scratch.
  • Measure and mark up accurately
  • Set out, fix and level all the units
  • Cut different types of worktops
  • Install sinks, taps and hobs
  • Understand hot and cold water systems
  • Fit radiators, sinks, baths and toilets
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Essential Plastering Course

This course is perfect for people who are interested in becoming a professional plasterer, as well as those who are undertaking DIY projects in their own homes. You will learn:
  • Fixing and cutting plasterboard
  • Skimming walls/ceilings
  • Rendering external walls
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Professional Plastering Course

Our Professional Plastering Course provides you with the knowledge and skills to start a new and successful career in the plastering industry. You’ll be guided through a variety of different jobs by our experienced tutors, learning how to:
  • Prepare surfaces for plaster
  • Skim walls and ceilings
  • Fix/cut plasterboard
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DIY Plastering Course

This short course is ideal for those who are looking to learn basic plastering techniques, in order to carry out DIY jobs around the home. It also provides a great foundation for further training if you decide to become a plasterer in the future. You will learn:
  • How to mix plastering materials
  • How to prepare surfaces for plastering
  • How to cut and fix plasterboard
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Flexible, Intensive Construction Training - Get the Qualifications You Need!

Are you unmotivated by your current job? Our intensive construction training courses are designed to give you all the necessary qualifications you need to start your on-site career. It can take 2-3 years to train to work in these industries, but our practical training programmes allow you to earn industry-standard qualifications quickly!

Construction Courses for Everyone

Our construction courses are open to everyone, regardless of age, background, gender, or previous experience. Our flexible course schedules will allow you to complete your training around previous commitments. If you need to carry on with your current job while training for your new career, or if you have other commitments to work around, we will endeavour to accommodate you as best we can.

Of course, we don’t exclusively offer construction programmes for newcomers. We can also help established construction workers update their existing qualifications with advanced courses and more specialised training. Contact us today if you’d like more information.

Why train with Access Training?

Here are just some of the reasons to book your place on one of Access Training Academies' construction courses:
We always keep our class sizes small, ensuring that each student receives plenty of contact time with his/her appointed tutor.
We constantly update our state-of-the-art facilities to provide a realistic learning environment for all our clients.
Access Training Academies’ construction courses give you hands-on experience through practical training while also covering all the necessary technical theory.
Our record of successfully-qualified clients is second to none. Our pass record is twice the national average.

Are you already a qualified construction worker?

We have a range of advanced courses that are specifically designed for already practising construction workers. However, there’s always room to learn and expand your skillset into other areas of trade if you’d like to. Why not consider pursuing an additional trade to enhance your skillset? Contact us today to learn more about your career options.Contact Us