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Essential Electrical Course

Our basic electrical training course – learn the ropes and get qualified!

This course covers all the essential principles of electrical work, including electrical safety, earthing and bonding requirements, and how to install and replace a variety of components. Completing our Essential Electrical Course will allow you to start a brand new career as a domestic electrician. You will gain the following qualifications:
  • Part P Domestic Electrical Installer
  • 18th Edition Wiring Regulations
  • Building Regulations for Electrical Installations in Dwellings
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Professional Electrical Course

Get qualified and kick-start your career as an electrician!

Our Professional Electrical Course is for beginners who wish to learn the fundamentals of electrical work.
The Professional Electrical Course includes the following qualifications:
  • Part P Domestic Electrical Installer
  • 18th Edition Wiring Regulations
  • Building Regulations for Electrical Installations in Dwellings
  • PAT Testing (Portable Appliances)
  • Fundamental Inspection & Testing
  • Initial Verification
  • Periodic Inspection & Testing
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Premier Electrical Course

Our deluxe electrical training package!

This course is open to candidates of all experience levels; even if you’re a beginner, we'll equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to become an electrician and learn these qualifications:
  • Part P Domestic Electrical Installer
  • 18th Edition Wiring Regulations
  • Building Regulations for Electrical Installations in Dwellings
  • PAT Testing (Portable Appliances)
  • Fundamental Inspection & Testing
  • Initial Verification
  • Periodic Inspection & Testing
  • Design, Erection and Verification
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Portable Appliance Testing

This course is designed for experienced candidates who wish to gain their Portable Appliance Testing qualification. This is a requirement for anyone who inspects and tests electrical equipment. Areas covered on this course include:
  • Inspection and testing
  • Managing the testing process
  • Certifying the safety of electrical equipment
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18th Edition

All professional electricians must be familiar with the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations – this course will equip you with all the essential knowledge, allowing you to achieve your 18th Edition qualification and meet the standards required of workers in the electrical industry.

Candidates will learn:
  • How to comply with IET Wiring Regulations
  • Particular requirements for special electrical installations
  • How to select electrical equipment
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Initial Verification

This course will teach you how to test electrical installations at industry level. Passing this course will enable you to work with single phase and three phase installations. Course content includes:
  • Inspection, testing and certification of electrical installations
  • Meeting legal requirements
  • Issuing Electrical Installation Certificates
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    Fundamental Inspection & Testing

    People who wish to learn inspection and testing skills will find that our Fundamental Inspection & Testing course meets their needs perfectly.
    • Learn how to safely isolate electrical systems
    • Understand initial verification, visual inspection, and functional testing of single-phase installations
    • Get qualified to complete test certificates and schedules
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    Periodic Inspection & Testing

    Our Periodic Inspection & Testing course enables you to carry out periodic inspection and testing on existing electrical installations. Here are some of the key areas covered:
    • Safe isolation
    • Inspection and testing
    • Understanding of coding and classification of faults
    • Issuing electrical installation condition reports
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    Combined Inspection & Testing

    Completing this course will earn you three qualifications that allow you to inspect, test and verify a comprehensive array of electrical installations. We will teach you to carry out the following tasks to a professional standard:
    • Verifying new installations
    • Periodic inspection and testing
    • Issuing electrical test certificates and reports
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    Electrical Design Course

    Are you ready to gain the highest electrical qualification we offer? The Electrical Design Course is strictly for experienced candidates only, and if successful, you’ll be qualified to:
    • Design electrical installations
    • Comply fully with safety legislation and regulations
    • Work with architects and other professionals
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    Part P & 18th Edition

    This combined 18th Edition and Part P course is designed for tradespeople and other individuals who wish to carry out their own domestic electrical work. It is ideal for electrical and non-electrical professionals. You will learn how to:
    • Install, inspect and test a range of systems
    • Comply with the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations
    • Incorporate electrical work into the services you offer
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    Electrical Vehicle Charging Course

    Become a qualified EV charging point installer!

    If you’re a qualified electrician with some experience already under your belt, this course will teach you everything you need to know about installing electric vehicle charge points. This is an increasingly in-demand service, so you should definitely add it to your skill set if you want to maximise your future success!

    Areas covered include:

    • How to install an EV charger
    • Charging point commissioning
    • Installation inspection and testing
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    Eco Electrical Course

    A comprehensive introduction to the electrical trade – includes electric vehicle charging qualification!

    Specifically tailored to give beginners a point of entry into the modern electrical trade, the Eco Electrical Course covers all the fundamentals of electrical training plus the installation of electric vehicle charging points (an increasingly in-demand skill). Areas covered include:
    • Basic electrical training
    • Electrical installation testing
    • EV chargepoint installation
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    Flexible, Intensive Electrical Training - Get the Qualifications You Need

    Are you unmotivated by your current job? Our intensive electrical training courses are designed to give you hands-on experience and give you all the necessary qualifications so that you can change careers quickly. It would normally take 2-3 years to become a fully-qualified electrician, but our practical training programmes allow you to earn industry-standard qualifications in much less time!

    Electrical Courses for Mature Adult Learners

    Our electrical training courses are open to all adults, regardless of age, background, gender, or previous experience. Our flexible course schedules will allow you to complete your training around your personal commitments - if you need to carry on with your current job while training for your new career, or if you have other commitments to work around, we will endeavour to accommodate you.

    Of course, we don’t exclusively offer electrical training programmes for newcomers. We can also help established electricians update their existing qualifications with advanced courses and specialised training. Contact us today for more information.

    Why Access Training?

    Here are just some of the reasons to book your place on one of Access Training Academies' electrician courses:
    We always keep our class sizes small, ensuring that each student receives plenty of contact time with his/her appointed tutor.
    Our approved centres are fully equipped to provide trade training programmes.
    Access Training Academies’ electrical courses give you hands-on experience through practical training while also covering all the necessary technical theory.
    Historically, our pass rates have consistently been above the national average.
    Join a Competent Person Scheme, officially registering you as a safe, proficient domestic electrical installer.
    We can provide flexible, intensive training courses during the week and weekends to suit your individual needs.
    If you need a specific electrical training package, we are capable of delivering bespoke courses.
    Our electrical training packages are designed to qualify you to work in domestic, commercial and industrial environments

    Are you already a practising electrician?

    We have a range of courses that are specifically designed for practising electricians, and each one is very competitively priced. We offer bespoke courses and training solutions to electrical and commercial organisations of any size, from small individual contractors to large enterprises such as councils and electrical contractors.Contact Us

    Get in touch to learn more about our training courses!