Student Spotlight: Maycon

Student Spotlight: Maycon

becoming a gas engineer

University graduate Maycon recently trained to become a gas engineer with Access Training, and is here to share his training experience with you!

Maycon, a graduate with a background in aerospace engineering, found himself looking for diverse and flexible career opportunities following graduation and was drawn to gas engineering. If you’re interested in becoming a gas engineer, you may be interested in hearing more about Maycon’s experience!

Becoming a Gas Engineer with Access Training – Maycon’s Testimonial 

Access Training has been a brilliant learning option for me - helping me become qualified in the Gas industry. 

My background is in Aerospace Engineering and I was looking for a way into the Gas industry. I moved because I didn't want to be stuck inside a factory, I prefer to be out and about meeting people. I found Access Training on Google when looking for a way to become qualified.

I began my Professional Gas Engineering course about two years ago. In the first couple of weeks it was really hard for me because I had never worked with gas before. Everything was new to me but I soon became more confident, as the tutorials explained everything in a detailed and educational way. 

Jon is an amazing guy - he is a fantastic person. He helped me a lot and aided me as much as he possibly could. I am the kind of person who likes to ask lots of questions and my inquiries have always been answered. I did some external research by myself too. Andy also helped me a lot with my studies and any doubts that I had.

I am frequently receiving emails about job opportunities and I am very aware of what Access has available for me once I am qualified. I am just finishing my portfolio and will be completing my ACS before I apply to anything but I am very aware of the large variety of job offers I can get through access.  

Zakia has been really good with me. I was struggling with some of my exams and she assisted me a lot to help me get through - for example, she gave me a program for my studying that was very useful. The exams were easy to resit and sort out. Kennedy has also helped me a lot by supporting me through the process. She worked really hard to assist me - I really want to highlight that. She was always positive with me and everyone else. One day I said to myself that I was going to give up because it didn't seem to be working out but she encouraged me to finish the course and keep trying. Kennedy insisted that I did not give up, which is why I have now managed to progress to this stage.

I am completing my portfolio at the moment with someone I know who runs a gas company. I do an internship on Monday and Tuesday so I can get experience - I go out with engineers that help to increase my confidence. They have already offered me a job when I complete my training, before I have even fully qualified! So Access has enabled me to become a desirable employee even during my training. The placement element has really helped prepare me for the real world. I am now a lot more confident and prepared. I have a good understanding of the industry, how it works and what is expected from me.

Once I complete my training and become qualified, I will take some time to get more involved in my job. I then have to do my cookers and fires, and then after that I will complete the Heat Pump course to expand my skill set even more.

I would for sure recommend Access Training, it has been really good. I am very happy with Access and would definitely recommend the company to others.


How to Become a Gas Engineer

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