Student Spotlight: Demitri

Student Spotlight: Demitri

retrain as a gas engineer - Demitri's review of Access Training


Changing careers and investing in further education can be scary. Demitri was a PE teacher before choosing to become a gas engineer with Access Training and hasn’t looked back since. We sat down with Demitri to find out more about how Access Training has changed his life. 

Retrain as a Gas Engineer - Demitri's Story

I found the online training fun and very well explained it also gave me the freedom to login when it suited me and self study that way. I found it very useful as I could fit in my studying in and around work.


In centre training was interesting as we were able to use what we learnt online in a hands-on experience. This enabled us to understand all different types of gas appliances and really get to know how they work and operate. Throughout my time at Access, I had the amazing opportunity to work with experienced tutors, who guided, taught and tested me on my knowledge that I had learnt over the course of my studies. 




Just before my final exams, I managed to attend the open day to speak with a few companies in the industry. These companies then gave me guidance for the best route for me to take once I was fully qualified. I also received monthly emails from the support team at Access Training which included information and details on all the companies who were hiring gas engineers.


The team behind the scenes  at Access Training have always gone out of their way to make sure I had my course material and helped me throughout my studies to push forward and make sure I was supported at all times.


I can honestly say taking the leap into the gas industry has changed my life massively. I now have more freedom than ever before and I can pick and choose when I work. If you are looking to take on a course with Access, I would definitely say don’t think about it - just do it. 




If you’re interested in retraining as a gas engineer like Demitri, Access Training offer a range of gas training courses tailored to all levels – even if you have no previous qualifications or experience, you can retrain as a gas engineer with Access Training today! 

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