We offer the following options:

Initial CCN1 Only
Initial CCN1 + 1 Appliance
Initial CCN1 + 2-4 Appliances
Please note that all CCN1 candidates will also need the CPA1 qualification Contact us to discuss your options with a member of the Access Training team.

Who should enrol on the ACS Gas Assessment Course?

To pass your ACS assessment, you will need a thorough understanding of gas engineering and the associated principles. If you are a novice looking to take the first step towards a new career in gas work, we recommend that you enrol onto one of Access Training’s entry-level gas training courses instead.

Assessment duration

The duration of your ACS gas course will depend on which of the following packages you choose:
CCN 1/CPA 1: Core Gas Safety - Up to 5 Days
CCN 1+4: Core Gas Safety & 4 Appliances (inc CPA1) - Up to 5 Days
CENWAT 1: Central Heating Boilers - Maximum 1 Day
CKR 1: Domestic Cookers - Maximum 1 Day
HTR 1: Gas Fires and Wall Heaters - Maximum 1 Day
MET 1: Meters - Maximum 1 Day


Once you have gained your ACS qualifications, you will need to renew them periodically to retain your Gas Safe status and stay up to date with the latest regulations.

To renew your qualifications, you will need to attend an ACS reassessment, which is another service that we provide here at Access Training Academies. Click here to browse our various reassessment packages.

Other ACS assessment packages

The CCN1 Core Gas Safety certificate is just one of the qualifications we can help gas engineers to acquire. Our other ACS assessment options include:
CEN1: Central Heating Boilers
CPA1: Combustion Performance Analysis
CKR1: Domestic Cookers
HTR1: Gas Fires and Wall Heaters
WAT1: Water Heaters
MET1: Meters

Why Access Training?

  • Specialist training facilities, custom-built to provide a realistic working environment for gas engineers
  • Expert teaching staff and assessors with years of professional experience in their trades
  • A variety of training options to help you gain the qualifications you need in a timeframe that suits you
Contact us today to book your ACS assessment.