A newly-qualified tradesman with his own business, we sat down with past student, Kianoosh, to discuss his time training with Access Training and what he has done since certifying.
"My experience at Access Training quite literally turned my life around." 

Time is precious. The pace of today’s lifestyle is seemingly unending, the day’s too short; finding time to fit in all of life’s demands, committing to family and friends, and having a successful working life, can sometimes feel impossible to achieve. 

However, optimising your time to the best of your ability will contribute greatly to your general wellbeing. Cutting back on unnecessary time wasting is an essential part of happy living, and can greatly reduce stress, anxiety and frustration, whilst allowing you more opportunities to unwind and enjoy.

Here are 6 top tips on optimising your time, and for being the most productive worker you can be: More...

The uncertainty of the current state of the economy, post Brexit, will likely have an impact on job security in the UK.

According to industry experts, it's a realistic possibility that the country could go back into a recession, which in turn could result in the threat of job cuts, industries failing and companies going into administration. With this in mind, job security could potentially become less secure, and the prospects of our children’s future might seem dimmer than before.

But despite this uncertainty, there are many thriving new industries which can offer plenty of job opportunities.

If you’re concerned about your child’s future like many others, here are 8 thriving career paths that can ensure a secure, stable, successful future for your children. More...

A career in trade isn’t just for men. Successful business woman, tradesperson and ex-Access Training student, Hayley Evans proves this. We sat down with Hayley to discuss her time at Access Training and what she has been doing since gaining her qualifications. More...


When we think of tradespeople, we typically think of blokes in white vans, handling heavy tools and doing dirty jobs. However, today’s tradesperson couldn’t be further from that stereotype, with a recent huge rise in tradeswomen in work.

Twenty or even fifteen years ago, the trade industry was overwhelmingly dominated by males, and although it still is the case, there has been a promising rise in tradeswomen working in the industry. More...

From frustrated prison service workers to self-employed tradesmen, a plumbing course has changed the lives of friends Jamie and Alex for the better. Here we interview them about their time with Access Training and their careers now. More...

geraint jones 

You’re never too old to retrain and start a new career, Geraint Jones did just that. Here we discuss his experience with Access Training and how his career has developed since achieving his qualifications.More...

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