Student Spotlight: Babatunde

Student Spotlight: Babatunde

gas engineer training review - testimonial from gas engineer trainee Babatunde


Babatunde recently completed his training to become a gas engineer, and kindly left a review of his experience as a gas engineer trainee with Access Training.

Gas Engineer Training Review – Babatunde

Access Training offers amazing online training. It is a good, wide source of literature for materials. The webinars have been helpful and I have been able to watch them as many times as I needed. Online learning is very accessible and well structured. 


The practicals at the learning centres were good and I actually enjoyed the experience first hand. The tutors, especially Andy and Jimmy, are top tutors who know how to make an impact on students and teach them the knowledge they need to know. Overall, it was an amazing experience.


I get job opportunities and updates sent to me from the support teams, as well as invitations to open day career events. The only reason I haven't been able to attend one is because unfortunately my schedule has clashed with the dates. However, in the future I will definitely attend an open day because it would allow me to meet people and recruiters within the industry that would aid me in growing and developing my career.


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The support staff are truly incredible. There was never a time I raised a query that was not addressed and sorted out as soon and as practically as they could. I have no complaints. Andy is so naturally helpful and such a nice guy that boosts your morale and mentors effectively and in a friendly manner. Above all, there is Joe - what else can I say about this man? From the first day he sold me the course this man has been unbelievably helpful and practical. Even when I call at odd times, non office hours, even late on the weekend, he will always pick up the phone and offer his help. He is a legend. Lastly there is Lauren, who is very caring and understanding.


Access Training has given me the hope to be a better and more purposeful person in my chosen career. I am almost at the end of my course and training, which has been tough and demanding by its standard, but I guess that’s how it should be when one is being prepared for a job that deals with things that affect people's daily lives. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow at Access Training, and once I get fully qualified I will look back at the journey with pride. No question about it, I will always recommend Access Training Academy to whoever I know that wants to have a career in the gas industry. 


A massive thank you to Babatunde for sharing his gas engineer training review. We hope this review has given you insight as to what you can expect when you train to become a gas engineer with Access Training.

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