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Plumbing apprenticeship entry requirements

You don’t need any previous experience or qualifications to apply for the Access Training plumbing apprenticeship programme. Our courses are designed with beginners in mind, but they’re equally applicable to those with prior experience who are looking to build on their current knowledge.



Here’s what your journey will look like…

Step One | Level 1 City & Guilds Health and Safety
You will attend two days of health and safety training webinars, then complete the Level 1 City & Guilds Health and Safety exam remotely. This is to make sure you are able to stay safe while working on-site.
Step Two | CSCS Card
A one-day webinar will prepare you to sit the CSCS card exam. If you pass the exam, you can apply for your CSCS card, which permits you to work on-site.
Step Three | Preparing for Work
As soon as you’ve obtained your CSCS card, we will reach out to our network of employers to secure an interview for one of 300+ labourer / site work opportunities throughout the UK. You will attend two days of webinars to prepare you for working on-site.
Step Four | Start Earning!
Access Apprentices typically start with a standard site labourer role, so your duties will include site maintenance, setup and clearance. PPE will be provided. Expect to earn somewhere between £10.65 and £14.00 per hour.
NOTE: Duties and salary may vary depending on site location.
Step Five | Plumbing Theory
While you’re gaining valuable work experience on the construction site, you will also be doing the theory portion of your plumbing course—this involves webinars and homework.
Step Six | Practical Training
When you’re ready for the practical portion of your plumbing course, you will attend one of our training centres for hands-on plumbing training under the supervision of our experienced industry professionals. The course content and qualifications will depend on whether you’ve chosen our Essential Plumbing Course, our Professional Plumbing Course or our Premier Plumbing Course.
Step Seven | Ongoing Career Support
Once you’ve earned your plumbing qualifications, you can seek employment with an established plumbing firm or start a business of your own. Either way, we provide three years of guaranteed career support to help you find your feet in the plumbing trade—this, combined with the experience you gained on the site, gives you the best possible chance of succeeding as a professional plumber!

How long does a plumbing apprenticeship take?

A traditional plumbing apprenticeship can last up to 4 years.

If you’re looking to become a fully-qualified plumber as soon as possible, our accelerated Access Apprenticeship programme could be ideal for you. The training course is designed to get you qualified in the shortest possible time, plus we’ll help you to secure a work placement so that you can start earning money straight away.

How much does a plumbing apprenticeship cost?

The Access Training plumbing apprenticeship combines of one of our plumbing courses with a paid work placement (plus the basic training required to work on-site).

The cost of the Essential, Professional and Premier courses is unchanged, meaning you'll get paid on-site work experience as you train to become a fully qualified plumber for the same price as one of our normal plumbing courses.

MORE INFO: Access Training Course Prices


Our plumbing apprenticeship programme allows you to earn the following qualifications:

Level 1 City & Guilds Health and Safety Qualification

CSCS Operatives Card (Green Card)

Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing

Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Plumbing and Heating
This qualification is included in the Professional and Premier courses only.

Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems Certificate (G3)
This qualification is included in the Professional and Premier courses only.

WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) Certificate
This qualification is included in the Professional and Premier courses only.

Gas Training Certificate
This qualification is included in the Professional and Premier courses only.

Are you ready to start earning?

Our paid plumbing apprenticeships are the perfect choice for would-be plumbers who want to start earning ASAP. Contact Access Training now to discuss your career options with one of our course advisors.
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