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At Access Training Academies we are 100% focused on providing the highest quality of training and dedicate ourselves to providing career specific training courses that deliver industry recognised qualifications. However, we go the extra mile.

We fully appreciate that embarking on a new career path can be a daunting experience and hence we have developed a 3 Year Career and Training Support Guarantee unique to the Industry that means you can fully focus on your new career safe in the knowledge that we are there to hold your hand every step of the way.

Above all, we make sure that you get all the support you need - even after completing the in-centre training and assessment phases of your course. To us this is just the beginning of your journey and we also provide ongoing training and professional development for up to 3 Years after joining us.

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3 Year Guarantee

More details about our 3 stage training programmes that begin with unlimited online tuition, followed by intensive practical training, plus 3 years of unrivalled career support:

Stage 1: Live Online Theory LearningAccess Training Online is a tailored learning portal that allows you limitless learning for 3 years from the comfort of your own home - repeat and use any part as many times as you like. This includes scheduled live tuition, tutor Q&As, lessons, tests, and much more. This is the perfect preparation for the next step of your course.
Stage 2: In-Centre Practical TrainingNext you attend a training centre for the practical training part of your course. This hands-on, fast-track tuition is entirely flexible with you having the power to attend when you’re ready, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed for professional qualifications.
Stage 3: Career & Employment SupportFrom Day 1 of joining us we will provide you with a dedicated Career Support Officer who can provide expert guidance and advice on all matters related to your exciting new Career. You will also be able to register your CV with us and find out about the potential job/placement opportunities with our network of Corporate Partners.

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Offering a comprehensive range of accredited trade courses, Access Training Academies can help to make your dream career a reality. Whether you want to become a professional kitchen fitter, a Gas Safe engineer or a skilled electrician, we’ll start you on your new career path in no time.

As one of the country’s leading training course providers, we have programmes to suit everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals. Contact us now to speak with a course advisor.
Excellent Pass RatesSmall classes give you the best opportunity to succeed
Small Class SizesSmall classes allow for plenty of one-on-one time with your tutor
Satisfied TraineesMany Satisfied trainees

What to expect

You will learn through first-hand experience. We believe in showing, and not simply telling. That way, you will be equipped with practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge at the end of your course.

You will learn from a specialist tutor in a fully-equipped training centre. Our facilities are designed to closely simulate real working environments, and our tutors have personal experience and knowledge that enables them to cover all essential practical and technical information.

You will be ready for work. The sole purpose of our courses is to provide you with the skills necessary to enjoy a successful career in a thriving industry: you can’t put a price on a lifelong career.

We are confident that you will not find a better training provider in the UK

Access Training Academies are the UK’s leading vocational training course providers, and our strong connections within the industry mean that we are also the best-placed to help you make the most out of your investment. After your course is completed, our recruitment partners can support you, help you to prepare your CV, and arrange interviews with potential employers. Alternatively, your experience at Access Training Academies will have given you such a range of skills that you will be equipped to start your own business if you wish.

Enrolling one of our vocational training programmes is a truly invaluable investment. The experience you gain will stay with you and benefit you throughout your working life, and we will give you the opportunity to develop useful, practical, and industry-recognised skills.
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