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plastering courses

Plastering Courses

Plastering is an essential and ancient skill, practised by tradespeople all around the world for centuries. The earliest known plasterers lived around 7,500BC; they may have used slightly different materials in slightly different circumstances, but the spirit and skill of the vocation remains to this day

Not only is an unplastered wall unsightly, plastering is also essential for a wall’s durability and condition. Plastering is a very in-demand skill here in Britain, and a large, skilled workforce is needed to ensure that everyone’s walls remain plastered.

Here at Access Training, we deliver City & Guilds plastering courses to help provide the country with its next generation of plasterers. Plasterers are an essential part of the UK construction industry, and if you want to become a plasterer and earn money while working as your own boss, an Access plastering training course is the perfect starting point.

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What Plastering Courses Do We Offer?

If you would like to become a plasterer, or even if you’re just looking to undertake DIY plastering projects in your own property, this course is perfect for you.

Our Essential Plastering Course will help you to build a solid understanding of basic plastering techniques while working towards an industry-recognised City & Guilds plastering qualification. This course is open to everyone – no previous experience required!
  • Fixing and cutting plasterboard
  • Taping joints
  • Preparing surfaces
  • Selecting and mixing materials
  • Skimming walls/ceilings
  • Rendering external walls
City & Guilds
The Professional Plastering Course does exactly what its name suggests, providing you with the knowledge and skills that will pave your way to a new and successful career in the plastering industry.

From skimming walls with brand new coats of plaster to fixing damaged walls, you’ll be guided through a variety of different jobs by our experienced tutors. Ideal for anyone who wants to become a fully-qualified plasterer and make a living from this trade.
  • Preparing surfaces for plaster
  • Mixing materials correctly
  • Skimming walls and ceilings
  • Fixing/cutting plasterboard
  • installing angle and stop beads
  • Achieving a flat, professional finish
  • Rendering walls and screeding floors
City & Guilds
This short course is ideal for those who are looking to learn basic plastering techniques in order to carry out DIY jobs around the home.

It also provides a great foundation for further training if you decide to become a plasterer in the future. This course is designed to accommodate those with no experience whatsoever.
  • How to mix plastering materials
  • How to prepare surfaces for plastering
  • How to cut and fix plasterboard
  • How to skim walls and repair damaged areas
City & Guilds

Successful Students

“Thanks to all at Access Training for my City & Guilds training in plastering and for all their patience and the knowledgeable support they gave me. Since completing the course I have taken on various jobs and I'm enjoying every minute of my new career!”
Vince Currie
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