Units Covered Include:

Installing LPG appliances and pipework
LPG appliance maintenance
Dealing with unsafe situations

Who is this course for?

This course was developed with experienced gas workers in mind. If you are already working with natural gas in a professional capacity, our LPG training course will help you to master the skills required to work safely with liquid petroleum gas, thereby increasing your earning potential and enabling you to take on a wider range of jobs.

If you have no gas experience and would like to learn the essentials, we recommend taking a look at our entry-level gas engineer courses.

What qualification will I earn?

Once your LPG training is complete, you will undertake the ACS LPG assessment, consisting of both a practical examination and a multiple-choice paper. If successful, you will be awarded an ACS certificate to confirm that you are qualified to work with liquid petroleum gas.

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  • All of our courses are designed to get you qualified quickly
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  • Once you’ve finished your course, you can choose from a variety of progress routes and additional courses
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