Student Spotlight: Richard

Student Spotlight: Richard

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I began training at Access 18 months ago, studying the Essential Electrics course. I found the online training useful because I was living abroad at the time. I would watch the videos back and often at double speed to help improve my own efficiency! The webinars were the reason why I chose Access Training over other providers. Some of the content was of a slower pace but watching them at double speed allowed me to skip the chatter and non crucial information. I found the revision courses really useful online and appreciated that they were split up into topic areas.

The experience for me was an entirely new one as I didn’t come from a background in electrics. I had a complete career change. Not many people believe me when I tell them I didn’t know what colour a live wire was. I was a complete beginner on the courses but the tutors were very helpful. I was exhausted after every day but I ensured that I threw myself into it and asked even the simple questions!  

I’ve been in touch with Access Training since completing my courses. I enrolled onto a few standalone courses that I wanted to go on once completing my initial qualifications and also re-attended the EICR testing course. 

Olivia, Amie, Lauren and Rob were extremely helpful throughout my studies. Each of them went out of their way to aid me in my progression throughout gaining my qualifications.

The exams were difficult but I studied by using the online practice questions over and over again. This feature enabled me to pass all of my examinations. The facilities were really good, they have all the testing kits that you would need.

I most certainly felt prepared once entering the workforce, so much so that I set up my own electrics business off the back of my career change. Access Training made it easier for me - without the training there’s no way that I would have been able to make the career change into electrics.

Access Training has enabled me to have an entire career change - as well as being able to support four Access Training alumni electricians at this time! It has honestly been a game changer. I’ve been in regular contact with Access since completing my training, and as mentioned before, have even been able to hire some of their alumni for my own business. 


After completing the Essential Electrics course - Access Training’s electrician training course for beginners - Richard had the knowledge and confidence he needed to start his own business. Richard utilised the online training services available from Access Training that allowed him to start his studies even when living abroad. 

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