Testimonial: “There really is nowhere better”

Testimonial: “There really is nowhere better”

A career in trade isn’t just for men. Successful business woman, tradesperson and ex-Access Training student, Hayley Evans proves this. We sat down with Hayley to discuss her time at Access Training and what she has been doing since gaining her qualifications.

What Did You Do Before You Came to us?

"Before enrolling on a course with Access Training, I was a call centre worker. This job became increasingly monotonous and dissatisfying: I was stressed, on a low wage, and having to organise my life around a hectic work schedule which was beyond my control. I soon found myself searching for trade courses on Google."

Why Did You Choose Our Gas Training Course?

"Hailing from a family of tradespeople, (my brother being a mechanic and my father an electrician) a career in trade seemed natural for me. A gas course seemed to be among the few trade careers not already undertaken by a family member, so I felt it was perhaps a vacancy worth filling.

"I quickly discovered Access Training online and was immediately impressed by the website and the qualifications on offer - the course appeared to accommodate my complete lack of experience, whilst also giving me the best possible preparation for work as a gas engineer.

"I was particularly drawn in by the prospect of being my own boss - it offered the perfect solution to my predicament. Previously, it had seemed such an unlikely possibility, something which happened to other people who had years of experience. But it was made a reality by the outstanding services provided by Access Training."

What Have You Done Since Leaving Access Training? 

"Over a year on, I am a Gas Safe registered Gas Engineer, qualified to work on gas cookers and fires, plus I’m returning soon to achieve my LPG qualification.

"The skills and confidence I acquired drove me to establish a now thriving property management business and provide property maintenance services to my community. I am even personally funding two future employees to enrol on various courses at Access Training, and am planning on doing the same for another woman like myself to attend a course this September.

"Thanks to the accommodating nature of the Access Training gas course, the very well experienced, knowledgeable and patient tutors, as well as the excellent facilities offered by Access Training, I have a partnership with Kitchen Warehouse and 5 subcontractors. Three of which I am about to convert to full time employees - without Access Training, none of this would have been possible."

"There really is nowhere better to become a highly skilled, highly qualified tradesperson than Access Training, and I sincerely recommend a course here to anybody."

Are you a woman interested in a prospective career in trade? Then discover our courses here.

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