Testimonial: “I’m actually doing something I enjoy!”

Testimonial: “I’m actually doing something I enjoy!”

From frustrated prison service workers to self-employed tradesmen, a plumbing course has changed the lives of friends Jamie and Alex for the better. Here we interview them about their time with Access Training and their careers now.

What Did You Do Before Taking Our Course?

"Before signing up for a plumbing course at Access Training, we were both working in the prison service. We were becoming increasingly frustrated by the fixed wages, long hours, repetitive and mundane work, which was slowly sucking the lives out of us. No matter how hard we worked, we were on the same pay, so began to seek a career change."

Why Did You Decide on a Career in Trade?

"We were excited by the nationwide trade skills shortage because it allowed us to provide a worthwhile service to society and the economy, by helping to replenish such a vitally important UK industry."

How Did You Find Us?

"We found Access Training’s website online. Although our experience in trade only went as far as basic DIY, we were immediately reassured by the accommodating nature of the course as it was described on the website."

How Has the Training Helped Your Career?

"Applying for the plumbing course at Access Training completely turned our lives around. The instructors gave us the necessary training and guidance to achieve the qualifications needed to become professional plumbers and instilled in us the confidence to believe in ourselves.

"In addition to this, we were given endless support from Access whilst starting our own business. This led to us winning a lucrative bathroom fitting contract with a major department store, which has completely changed our lives. We can’t believe the success we’ve had so far!

"Without Access Training to make us qualified, confident and motivated professionals, we would still be working in the prison service and would surely be regretting not making the leap. We hope our success is a message to others out there looking to change their career and have the chance to become their own boss." 


How to Become a Fully-Qualified Trades Person

If you want to be among the dozens of people like Jamie and Alex benefiting from Access Training’s top quality training services, enquire with us about a course today. Our course advisers are always happy to answer any queries you may have. Give us a call on 0800 345 7492.

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