3 Year Guarantee

3 stage training programme containing online tuition, intensive practical training and 3 years career support

Stage 1: Live Online Theory LearningAccess Training Online is a learning portal that allows you unlimited theory tuition for 3 years in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to take part in live tuition as many times as you want.
  • Live lessons, demonstrations & practice tests
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to all learning material
  • Useful resources including access to Tutors
Stage 2: In-Centre Practical TrainingBook full-time dates or be flexible with your practical training and book each part to suit your availability as well as your aspirations. Our trade training centres are open 7 days a week.
  • Intensive 'hands on' training & teaching
  • Industry-recognised accredited training program
  • No prior experience needed as we’ll help you
Stage 3: Career & Employment SupportOur career support package is designed to get you ready for the workplace or setup your own business. We provide ongoing training and professional development for up to 3 Years after joining us.
  • Employment preparation & access to employers
  • Free employability course including CV building
  • Guaranteed ongoing support for 3 years

Candidates who enrol on this course will learn:

The fundamentals of domestic electrical work
How to install lighting, sockets and other circuits
How to certify full house re-wires
Completion of this basic electrical course will enable you to move on to more advanced training programmes that will help you to succeed as a professional electrician. Call 0800 345 7492 to learn more about our domestic electrician course package, or return to our Electrician Training page to browse alternative options.

Who is this domestic electrician course for?

The Essential Electrical Course is ideal for beginners and is also open to those who wish to add electrical knowledge to their range of existing skills. The course is designed to cater for those with no knowledge of the subject.


Our essential domestic electrician course comprises the following qualifications:
Part P Domestic InstallerCovers the installation and maintenance of lighting, sockets, cooker circuits and consumer units. You will also learn how to certify domestic installations such as full house re-wires.
18th Edition Wiring RegulationsThis qualification will prove that you have a good working knowledge of the current wiring regulations.
Building Regulations for Electrical Installations in DwellingsThis qualification proves you have a good understanding of the current building regulations as applied to electrical work in dwellings.

Units covered

The qualifications shown above are wide-ranging and cover numerous areas that you will need to know when working on electrical installations in domestic properties. Here are some examples of the units you will cover:
Applicable Building Regulations for Domestic Electrical Installation
Electrical Safety Legislation, Regulations and Standards
Identifying Unsafe Electrical Situations
Domestic Electrical Earthing and Bonding Requirements
Installing and Replacing Electrical Components
Checking the Correct and Safe Operation of Installed Electrical Components
Domestic Electrical Installation in Special Locations
Understanding of New Domestic Electrical Circuit Requirements
Installing Domestic Lighting Circuits

Progressing further

This basic electrical training course will provide you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to work with domestic electrics. There are more advanced progression routes that you may wish to opt for during or after your training that will further your abilities and allow you to complete further, more advanced types of work.

What do we offer?

  • Specialist teaching staff with years of professional experience
  • Additional support and further training
  • Flexible training packages (full time, part time, weekdays and weekends)
  • Fully equipped and approved training centres across the UK
We continuously support and stay in touch with many of our ex-learners, who now run successful businesses and frequently return to Access Training – the source of their success – in order to expand those businesses and recruit workers from our pool of newly-qualified talent. Many also come back regularly to take additional courses and develop their own skills.

Please call Access Training Academies on 0800 345 7492 to enquire about our domestic electrician courses.

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