Testimonial: “I would wholeheartedly recommend Access Training”

Testimonial: “I would wholeheartedly recommend Access Training”

A newly-qualified tradesman with his own business, we sat down with past student, Kianoosh, to discuss his time training with Access Training and what he has done since certifying.
"My experience at Access Training quite literally turned my life around." 

Why Did You Decide on a Career in Trade? 

"Having previously worked in customer service, I began seeking a way to apply the customer communication skills I’d developed to build my own career, and began to think about starting my own business and becoming my own boss. I was tired of working long hours for little reward." 

How Did You Learn About Us? 

"I discovered Access Training online and was really impressed by what the content of the electrical courses had to offer; they were very informative and highly professional."

What Did You Think of Your Training?   

"The course itself certainly delivered an excellent breadth of information and I strongly feel that I acquired a lot of knowledge during my time at Access Training. 
"Having had little previous experience in trade, I persisted in asking many questions to the tutors, to which they answered patiently and in detail. They took time to ensure my queries were fully-explained and were extremely professional and knowledgeable; they clearly had extensive experience and knowledge in their trade."

What Have You Been Doing Since Qualifying? 

"During the electrical course, I was provided with enough confidence, encouragement and motivation to start up my own business. Not only was I given information on how to start up a business, but also on how to manage, advertise, develop an attractive image and to grow it.
"Since completing the course with Access Training my business has grown sufficiently enough to require me to employ more people to help with its management. I am even using Access Training to train a new employee - I am so confident with the training provided that I would not use anybody else."
"I would wholeheartedly recommend Access Training to anybody looking to make a change in their career." 
"The services it provided me with were invaluable and has helped me change my life entirely for the better. I now feel more independent, professional and self-sufficient. Access Training has provided me with the necessary knowledge and experience to achieve this goal." 
If you want to be among the dozens of people like Kianoosh benefiting from Access Training’s top quality services, enquire with us about a course today. Our course advisers have all the necessary information to help you make an informed decision about your future.

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