5 Plumbing Resources for Trainee Plumbers

5 Plumbing Resources for Trainee Plumbers


As a trainee plumber, it's hard to know where to start or where to do your research. It's an incredibly exciting and rewarding trade to get stuck into, but it is also very complex and you will have to do some extra research.

To make life easier for plumbing students and trainees, we've put together our top 5 plumbing resources to help you start your career journey on the right foot. 


1. Top 5 Plumbing Skills to Have 

This plumber resource outlines and analyses the the top 5 plumbing skills you should have as a plumber, ranging from physical skills to general business skills. With these plumbing skills under your belt, you should have no problem going from strength to strength in your plumbing career.


2. Plumber Job Description

If you'd like an outline of what your job as a professional plumber may involve, simply take a look at this plumber resource where we've compiled some of the main responsibilities and tasks carried out by professional plumbers. 


3. Reasons to Become a Plumber

There are many positive reasons to become a plumber, including the fact that plumbers are in incredibly high demand at the moment! If you need some motivation or a reminder of why you're training to be a plumber, take a look at these reasons and feel inspired by your plumbing career journey.


4. Career Opportunities in Plumbing

As a trainee plumber, you may be looking toward the future and wondering about career and progression opportunities in the plumbing industry. To give you a taste of what roles you may land in the future, we put together a list of exciting career opportunities (including some that pay extremely well!)


5. What Plumbing Qualifications Do I Need?

We helpfully put together this blog and YouTube video to help you navigate which plumbing qualifications you need for your desired plumbing career pathway. This is a really great plumbing resource if you'd like a better idea of your learning journey and how to get there!


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