5 Reasons to Become a Plumber

5 Reasons to Become a Plumber


If you're looking to become a fully-qualified plumber, then now is a great time to start! The UK government currently plans on building around 300,000 houses a year, and with a national shortage of plumbers, it is truly an excellent time to take up the trade. Overall, plumbing is an extremely exciting, invigorating and varied career pathway. 


1. You Can Earn While You Learn 

Earning a living wage while learning on the job sounds like a dream, right? Our Paid Plumbing Apprenticeships are perfect for those with no prior plumbing experience who wish to start earning money straight away. 

Due to the physically intensive nature of the plumbing trade, it makes a lot more sense to learn on the job. We recognise that this is an extremely effective way for prospective plumbers to learn and get their hands dirty, so we'll set up a guaranteed interview with an established construction business who can employ you whilst you learn!


2. Plumbing is a Rewarding Career

Plumbing systems are effective for reducing the risk of illness and disease. When you become a plumber, you will be working hard to remove wastewater in order to keep your customers safe. You can rest assured that your work is directly benefiting society and the health of your customers - and not all jobs can say the same!

Plumbing is not only a rewarding career due to what you can do for customers, but also for your own self development as a tradesman. It takes a lot of creativity and forward-thinking when installing various plumbing systems. Plumbing is a fast-paced job that requires you to think of solutions on your feet, resulting in brilliant levels of personal development.


3. You Can Be Your Own Boss

Whilst you may have to work under an experienced trainer while you gain the relevant plumbing qualifications, the world is your oyster afterwards! 

With the correct plumbing qualifications, experience, and a can-do attitude, you can very easily become a self-employed plumber with new trade skills under your belt. You can start building your brand and customer base almost instantly after your fast-track plumbing course, opening up new and exciting horizons for your plumbing career.


4. There's No Debt Involved!

With our fast-track plumbing courses at Access Training, you will never leave our training centres with a hole in your pocket. Instead, you will leave with life-long transferrable skills that will serve you throughout your whole trade career.

Our Premier Plumbing Course includes everything you could ever need to become a self-employed plumber - no frills, no unnecessary extras - just everything you could ever need to start your plumbing career!


5. Plumbers Have Incredible Job Stability

The bottom line is: plumbers have, and always will be, in incredibly high demand. Due to the niche skill and talent it takes to carry out plumbing work, customers will always call upon specialist plumbers to get the job done. 

Rated People revealed that the demand for plumbers was up by 72% in 2021, and this is only set to increase. With plumbing, you can almost guarantee that you will never be out of a line of work due to the fact the trade is extremely integral to the running of society


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