Popular Careers in Plumbing

Popular Careers in Plumbing

Plumbers play a very important role in society. They do everything from fitting bathrooms to servicing central heating systems and replacing gas boilers. Without them, our homes would be very cold and inhospitable! So, if you train to be a plumber, you'll be stepping into a very respected & important industry. But what kinds of careers are popular in plumbing? Let's find out.

What is the most common job for a plumber?

The most common type of plumber is a residential plumber. These plumbers deal with anything related to plumbing within the home, so toilets, showers, sinks etc. Unsurprisingly, sanitary plumbers spend a lot of time in bathrooms and kitchens! In addition, residential plumbers can be called on to install or replace your heating system.

What other types of plumbers are there?

There are lots of other types of plumbers out there if you're curious about other areas to specialise in. Here are a few other popular careers in plumbing:

Commercial plumbers

Commercial plumbers tend to be the most experienced and are capable of tackling large-scale projects such as new-build housing, office blocks, and public service buildings. Most commercial plumbers charge significantly more than residential plumbers because their work is more complex & a greater deal of skill is required. 

Water supply plumbers

Plumbers in this field are capable of designing and installing complex water systems in a wide range of buildings. They can be contacted to deal with issues that relate to water (or the lack of water) in your residential or commercial property.

Service and repair specialists

These plumbers are the people to call when you discover a leak or blockage - or when your boiler needs servicing. People working in this plumbing career do not need to handle the initial planning or installation of complex plumbing systems, so they're generally less skilled/experienced than other plumbers. 

What are the highest-paying plumbing jobs?

While all careers in plumbing come with a respectable salary, there are certain plumbing jobs that are higher-paying than others. These plumbing careers are higher paying because they're highly skilled & often require additional training on top of the initial plumbing training. 

  • Manufacturing steamfitters - usually work with high-pressure gas systems and hazardous materials.
  • Boilermaker - install and maintain water storage tanks, interpret blueprints and inspect boiler systems for leaks.
  • Fabricators - specialise in manufacturing pipes. More money can be made when they work on custom designs.

As you can see, there are a lot of popular careers in the plumbing industry, and we can help you access all of them! Our plumbing courses are designed for complete beginners and already qualified plumbing professionals. 

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