Top 10 Highest Paying Trade Jobs

Top 10 Highest Paying Trade Jobs


If you're searching for jobs in trade that pay well, you're in luck. In the UK, there are an abundance of trade jobs available that offer rewarding salaries. Some even pay up to £45,355 per year!

In this blog, we've put together 10 of the highest paying trade jobs so you can start a trade job you love without worrying about your financial income.



National Average Salary: £28,957 per year

There's currently a national shortage of plumbers due to a skills shortage, so now really is the best time to learn to be a plumber. Due to the demand, employers are offering rewarding salaries to encourage workers to learn the plumbing trade. 

It's an exciting career with many progression opportunities, and there's always the opportunity to learn more. Once you're in the plumbing industry, you will receive incredible job stability due to the niche skill and talent it takes to do various plumbing tasks. 

If you have no prior plumbing experience, we offer paid plumbing apprenticeships to help you get started. It's hand-on, intensive, and much faster than a traditional apprenticeship - and you can start earning money straight away.



National Average Salary: £32,187 per year

The salary for a UK electrician is actually much higher than the UK's national average wage. This may be down to the fact that an electrician is faced with challenging and varied work on a daily basis. 

To be an electrician, you need a wide variety of practical skills and knowledge surrounding health and safety. It's a very intense, detailed yet stimulating career, and the salary definitely reflects this!

Enrol onto our Essential Electricial Course with no prior experience to kickstart your career today.

Building Inspector

National Average Salary: £37,187 per year

A building inspector's role involves managing a team and making sure that construction projects adhere to regulations, specifications and standards. As a building inspector, you'll also be handling specialised testing equipment on a daily basis to test and review systems for potential safety risks. 

To become a building inspector and receive an extremely rewarding salary, you can start your career journey by gaining skills and qualifications from a construction course (don't worry, no previous experience is required!). 

Power Plant Operator

National Average Salary: £31,001 per year

While you may only know one power plant operator (Homer Simpson anyone?), this exciting role is integral to the smooth running of our society. 

As a power plant operator, your responsibilities include maintaining and managing the equipment fuelled by either gas, solar, wind, nuclear or hydroelectric energy for electricity. 

A lot of the role is ensuring that everything is securely maintained, tested and running while adhering to government regulations and standards. 

To get into this field, you will need qualifications in electrical engineering which can be achieved through the various electrical courses that we have to offer.


Construction Site Manager

National Average Salary: £45,355 per year

A construction site manager, also known as a construction manager, is in charge of ensuring all construction builds are completed in time and on budget for any particular project.

The role is perfectly suited for those who enjoy working with others in a collaborative environment, as you will act as the go-between for clients and construction professionals. 

Ultimately, they ensure that everything gets done in line with the proposed specifications and safety regulations, and they will also deal with any issues that may arise throughout the process. 

There are no specific qualifications needed to become a construction site manager, as many in the construction industry work their way up to the role through job progression. 

Start a career in construction with one of our construction courses!



National Average Salary: £40,421 per year

If you're looking for a practical, hands-on trade job then the role of a carpenter may be perfect for you. From repairing timber building structures to building doors and window frames, there's never a dull moment in the day of a carpenter. 

Carpenters are in incredibly high demand, and qualified carpenters can earn an extremely rewarding salary due to their skill. 

At Access Training, we offer a range of carpentry courses to launch you into this lucrative trade.


National Average Salary: £31,200 per year

As a roofer, you'll be an expert in removals, repairs, fitting and sealing. Your working day could be spent at a construction site, a business or at a customer's home. 

One of the most important things in this role is the ability to work safely and effectively at height, as this is something you'll be doing on a daily basis!

There are plenty of career progression opportunities including becoming a roofing surveyor and even a site manager. 

Become a roofer with the help of one of our beginners construction courses.


Structural Engineer

National Average Salary: £37,779 per year

A structural engineer focuses on the design and construction of new buildings, and improving the existing structural elements of older buildings. 

They usually work in cahoots with a site manager, but their expertise lies in the technical elements of a building such as preparing designs and plans. 

You can gain skills towards becoming a structural engineer by enrolling onto one of our vocational training courses.



National Average Salary: £29,120 per year

Plasterers are incredibly skilled tradesmen that apply plaster and decorative finishes to interior and exterior walls and ceilings. Working as part of a building team, your job may involve addiing plaster to wooden timbers or dry lining plasterboards for construction projects. 

Many essential plastering skills can be developed on through our NVQ construction qualifications.


Kitchen Fitter

National Average Salary: £33,150 per year

Kitchen Fitters install kitchens in home and workplaces. This involves measuring and assembling kitchen units and worktops according to plans. You'll also need to navigate other pipes and appliances throughout the installation process. 

It's the perfect mix of carpentry and electrical skill, and it's very easy to pursue a career in this particular niche. 

At Access Training, we offer kitchen fitting courses and bathroom and kitchen fitting courses.


Start a High Paying Trade Career with Access Training

At Access Training, we've helped thousands of people in your situation learn a new trade and change careers quickly. Don't just take it from us, take a look at our client reviews and testimonials.

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