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Electrical Course Testimonials

A well run practical week, with real life problems. It allowed me to develop the skills from week one in a practical situation. The tutor gave me the space I needed but was always on hand when required. The facilities and training staff are very good.
I'm the happiest I've ever been in my working life. I like being my own boss and having control over my working week. And I'm earning three times what I was at the BBC!
This course has led to me becoming self employed as an electrician and has led to me expanding my family's building and roofing business.
I was inspired by the prospect of a new career in domestic electrical installation and my plan is to run my own business in property development, plus carry out lucrative electrical testing work required by landlords for rented properties.
By passing the course I will now save money by installing my own electrics on my jobs.
The training was very daunting to start with, but it all gets broken down into simple manageable tasks where I was very well supported by the tutor.
When I enquired the response I had was informative with every question I had answered straight away. Every bit of information I was given turned out to be totally correct and it was given without fuss, it was easy to make a decision without any pressure unlike other training providers.

The training was absolutely brilliant; I rate Access Training as the place to train in the UK! I knew what I wanted to achieve when I enrolled on my course but I'm still amazed that I achieved my 2391 qualification. That was purely down to my brilliant tutor who was absolutely fantastic and incredibly patient.

I wouldn't send my boys anywhere else to train. Your courses make people work hard, it's no easy ride but the rewards are the fantastic results you achieve.

Plumbing Course Testimonials

I simply wouldn't have been able to start my business without Access Training. I can't praise the company enough, my plumbing business is growing, it's been going for 18 months now and I've employed two people from Access Training who did the same course as me!
I have really enjoyed my time on the course so far, I have learnt a lot and am impressed by the hands on approach. Mark was very helpful and informative, and was always willing to explain something that I did not understand. It was a good learning environment, relaxed and informal. I would recommend anyone else that might be interested.
Heating - Hard subject made easy due to the high class instruction. This week was not only about learning it was done in a very relaxed atmosphere. All the tutors were always on hand in every aspect. Their service was second to none, 1st class.
Helpful and insightful. Micro bore training, disabled bathroom fitting. Very good, all staff friendly and courteous have enjoyed the course and would recommend to friends.
Excellent really informative with excellent lectures on both heating systems and calculating heating units. My tutor spent individual time demonstrating on a one to one basis.. The tutors even have a good sense of humor.
My plumbing business is going from strength to strength. I've had a dramatic change in fortune since leaving the Post Office!
I decided to go with Access Training as they were able to deliver the 6129 and NVQ2 qualifications on site without me getting a placement.
I had no previous experience of plumbing before, but the course simulates real life situations and the tutors are so helpful that I feel totally confident in my work. Being a self employed plumber is the best job I've ever done.
My plans are to become a self employed as a plumber and the course has helped me learn all the skills I need to work on my own.
I want to be a self employed plumber; the course is giving me the qualifications to make a start in my plumbing career.
I needed a fast track method into the world of plumbing and Access Training provided me with the best and most thorough advice of any training provider, plus I've learnt hand-skills very quickly

Gas Training Course Testimonials

Having been an instructor myself for the past three years, I have very high standards when it comes to instruction. I have to say though that your team of instructors is by far the best I have worked with.
I'm a self employed builder and the qualifications I received have opened up new avenues of work for me.
Although I've made a few mistakes on the course as I've gone along, it's been useful to make those mistakes and learn by them with my tutor.
I plan to set up a plumbing, gas and property maintenance company, I've already secured my first contract and I haven't even finished the course!
My plan is to branch out into Solar panel Installation and do my Part P and 18th Edition electrical qualifications to add to my Gas credentials.

Carpentry Course Testimonials

I enjoyed the course because it was delivered at the right level. I can't recommend this course enough to anyone thinking about it. It has given me so much confidence and belief. I'm so busy now, I haven't stopped working since finishing the course and I don't even need to advertise, one job leads to another through recommendations!
I am already self employed, but this course will mean I can give an extra service to offer customers and it will reduce my reliance on other tradespeople when fitting kitchens etc.
The skills I have learned will help towards becoming self-employed. The training I have been given enabled e to progress quickly throughout the course and the methods used together with the tutoring are first class!
From the first moment I contacted Access Training, they were very friendly and after visiting them to look at what they do it was obvious that the training and the facilities were superb. I visited training providers that were closer to where I live but they were not as professional, as well equipped or as welcoming!

Decorating Course Testimonials

Thanks to all your support and encouragement, after changing my career things are coming together really well. The course has been a great boost to my confidence. My new flyers have been getting me a lot of enquiries!
I wanted to expand my Interior Design business and gain the skills to carry out the work as well as design it. Immediately after the course I did my first decorating job and it's paid for the course already and left me with a profit!

I learned the professional hints and tips on how to wallpaper and use specialist paint affects - I didn't know there was so much to learn!
My tutor has been extremely helpful in every way, every day that I've been here. I think the training and the tutor were perfect, I can't think of how it would have been better, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I really enjoyed the Painting & Decorating Course, my tutor was amazingly helpful and knowledgeable and I learnt far more than I expected to. I would recommend this course to anyone.
I have one word for the intensive training – fantastic! I intend to start my own ‘one woman band' business'!

Tiling Course Testimonials

I feel totally confident and have no hesitation in going to the workplace as a self-employed tiler. I can only thank the tutors for the excellent training I received, which has given me the knowledge and confidence to tackle wall and floor tiling jobs. I have already arranged a number of jobs, which I have no fears of undertaking!
I'm not surprised by how quickly I picked up the ‘hands on skills' and I've developed them rapidly, but I was hoping that this would be the case!
The training was clearly delivered and the staff were well informed, willing to answer any questions and very helpful on practical techniques.
Other training providers I contacted were quoting me ridiculous amounts for my training until I found Access Training, who offered sensible advice and great value for money.

Plastering Course Testimonials

The first thing I would like to say is a sincere ' thanks' to all at Access Training for my seven weeks City & Guilds training in plastering and for all their patience and the knowledgeable support they gave me. Since completing the course I have taken on various jobs and I'm enjoying every minute of my new career.
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the plastering course, which I have just completed. I knew from day one of the course that I had chosen the right place, the professionalism and friendliness of all the instructors and staff was incredible. Please could you pass on my thanks to everyone but in particular to my personal tutors who were simply outstanding and a pleasure to be taught by. I have already recommended your company to a number of friends and will continue to do so. Again many thanks for the excellent learning environment that you have created down there in Cardiff. May I wish you all the best with the expansion of your company.
The course has broadened my exiting skills allowing me to save money by being able to plaster my own house.
After redundancy I decided to train as a plasterer and to work for myself, the training was very helpful and informative and I was very surprised how quickly I learned to plaster to a professional standard and I plan to use my skills to do domestic jobs.
The tutors are highly skilled and they really know their subject, they have been very helpful and always approachable even after the course.
I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I developed my skills. The ability to practice each task repeatedly improved my skills markedly.

Bricklaying Course Testimonials

I like the fact that I've constantly been training and learning new things. It'll be nice to be able to put all the training I've done to good use. I wouldn't like to end up doing the same thing over and over every day, I've found that for me the best way to learn is to see other people doing a job and have a go for myself.
I was going to go into something else but I've really found Bricklaying the most enjoyable thing I've done. I didn't think I'd pick it up so easily, now I plan to work for myself after getting a bit more experience.

Roofing Course Testimonials

I wanted to improve on some of what I've learnt in the past on building sites and i plan to go self employed, this course is helping me to do that.
The course has allowed me to work with a company to gain experience then I will go self employed.
Access Training were very easy to deal with from the outset, they explained my options in a lot of detail when I enquired and the training has giving me exactly what I need for what I wish to do in the future.

Property Development Course Testimonials

I wanted a change, I didn't really like what I was doing before, now I've set up my own handyman business after completing his Multi Skills course and its flourishing! I haven't stopped since, I'm always busy and I'm earning a lot more than I was before. It's been incredible!
I currently own four properties and the skills I have learned will come in handy to do lots of jobs saving me a small fortune!
I wanted to do a Multi Skills course to develop my overall ability in lots of areas. At the start I wasn't sure I would ‘get it' but, as assured, i did! The tutors passed on their obvious experience and the practical training boosted my confidence.
The tutors have an excellent knowledge of very subject and are always there to help.

DIY Course Testimonials

I will be using the skills I've learned for general DIY purposes around the home and for doing jobs for a charity organisation.
I am moving to Spain so the skills I've achieved will be used to set up a business out there and use on my own property.
I would describe the training methods as simply excellent and the pace of the training is just right.
Am now retired and the course more than met my need to improve my DIY skills.

General Feedback

Thanks to all your support and encouragement things are now coming together really well. The course has been a great boost to my confidence, and as I didn't really get the chance to say a proper thank you at the time , I'll say it now...THANK YOU!!! I have also enclosed one of my flyers, which has been getting me a lot of enquiries! Once again, your advice helped me with these – so thanks!
I am writing to thank you for the past six weeks training I received at your centre in Cardiff. I would particularly like to thank my tutor as, from day one, he made me feel most welcome and throughout the training was a fountain of knowledge, which at all times was freely available. The other instructors were also excellent and made me feel welcome at all times. Having been an instructor myself for the past three years, I have very high standards when it comes to instruction. I have to say though that your team of tradesmen/instructors is by far the best I have worked with. I would like you to register me for the WRAS course as soon as possible and also the gas course when it starts. I would also like you to know that, should you wish me to write a letter of recommendation... I would be pleased to do so.
I wonder if you would allow me to endorse the company. I did my full seven weeks of resettlement with them, and quite simply, had a brilliant time. I did tiling, woodwork, bricklaying, plumbing, plastering etc, and during the whole course I received excellent support from the management, the administration, and particularly the instructors. They were all excellent in their fields, and I was always able to ask for help, which was readily given, with good humor, and above all maintaining high standards. After finishing my course, I have been able to stay in touch with the company, and they continue to willingly offer advice and practical help whenever I ask for it. I would have no hesitation in recommending the company to my friends, which is perhaps the best endorsement I could give them. I would fully support and encourage further use of Access Training.
After spending six weeks with Access Training (Wales), I now feel totally confident and have no hesitation in going to the workplace as a self-employed tiler. I can only thank the tutors for the excellent training I received, which has given me the knowledge and confidence to tackle most wall and floor tiling jobs. Since completing the training three weeks ago, I have had the opportunity to examine tiling workmanship in numerous public areas and can honestly say I was not always impressed by the standards I have seen, compared with what I was taught and was expected by Access Training. I must thank the tutlors for your flexibility and allowing me to transfer to the plastering course for my final weeks training. This proved a positive move which will certainly benefit me for the future. Access Training did a great job in just five days and I thank them for their informative and excellent tuition. With the training based on maximum hands on, I learnt a great deal in only 6 weeks, which was certainly down to the detailed and well balanced tuition from the tutors - it was money well spent. The staff were always helpful and approachable; enthusiastic and, insisted on delivering correct teaching practices at all times. I still have nine months to serve in the forces but have already arranged a number of jobs to allow me to gain experience before I will register self-employed which thanks to the training received, I have no fears of. Once again many thanks.
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the tutors, for my ‘property development' multi skills package that Access Training put together for me this year, especially with the very short time frame to put it all together. The instructors have been superb and so helpful in getting as much information across in the compressed time frame. During the course all of them were getting continuous phone calls from previous students asking for help on various jobs, the sign of a good feedback organisation. Please pass my best on to the lads for their hard work and help and patience watching me ham things up!
With reference to Access Training (Wales) Ltd we have worked with this company for training needs over the last couple of years for our clients. During this time we have had exceptional service from them, this has allowed us to place numerous people back into employment with the relevant skills base needed in their chosen field. The training delivered has been of the highest quality and the standard reached by our clients has placed them in the forefront of the jobs market. I would fully recommend Access Training to any organisation that is looking for a professional and dedicated provider to deliver training on their behalf.
Thanks for all your assistance during my course. I thoroughly enjoyed all the modules and am sure the knowledge gained through the seven weeks will assist me in the future. Can you say a special thank you to the team for all their help, hope all goes well for the future and I will certainly pass on your company's details to all my friends.
The training was first class, the learning environment is interesting and well planned. Tutors are very helpful and are approachable giving tips and showing various techniques.
Very enjoyable and thorough training, the tutors were always available if any questions or problems arose.