10 Highest Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

10 Highest Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

highest paying jobs that don't require a degree

It is widely assumed that going to university is the most dependable way to guarantee a secure, stable career. But in reality, this is not always the case.

If you’re looking for a high paid job without attending a three or four year university course, read on to discover the 10 highest paid careers you could find yourself in without stepping foot on a university campus.


10. Journalist: £32,148

Although many journalists do have a degree in journalism or an NCTJ qualification, these aren’t a definite necessity. The main requirements are a scent for a story and the ability to write engagingly. There may also be opportunities to undertake internships or relevant work experience.

From facts and figures to shocking scandals, journalists are the gatherers of social information of all kinds and are responsible for its distribution for public consumption.

As a result, journalists are effectively responsible for what people know and think about the world they live in.


9. Military Security: £35,144 

Responsible for protecting the lives of the public, working in military security requires many specific character traits: unflinching bravery, the ability to make effective decisions, physical fitness and skill, plus strong loyalty and awareness of duty are among the many demands of this high intensity job.

Despite the risks involved, a university degree would not necessarily help your chances of employment - a test of character is equally as important as a test of brains in this case.


8. HR Manager: £42,711

The role of a HR Manager demands very effective communication and leadership skills, but it is rewarding indeed.

Responsible for staff development and training, enforcing and compiling company policy and procedure, looking after staff when things go wrong and generally defining the culture of the company, HR Managers are an indispensable part of a business’ structure.

You don’t need a university degree to become one. Working your way up the ladder from the ground up can still land you a great job in the HR industry.


7. Hazardous Waste Manager: £43,452

With the environment now a major concern for all large-scale goods producers, businesses are hiring environmental specialists to help manage harmful produce.

If your organisational skills are strong, and you are prepared to work under hazardous conditions… this could certainly be a worthwhile prospect.


6. Mining Construction: £45,000

The trading of natural resources such as coal is still a hugely profitable business, despite the recent surge in demand for renewable energy.

Constructing mines to facilitate this process is a well paid job, but doesn’t necessarily require a university degree - rather a relentless work ethic and a fairly strong disregard for health and safety.


5. Commodities Trader: £49,000

Commodity Traders traditionally specialise in the trading of various goods, be it metal, oil, grain, sugar or coffee.

In today’s climate, most traders buy and sell complex financial products, including shares and bonds in companies, on behalf of their clients. Requiring a sharp business and financial mind and quick decision making skills, academic success is not a necessity.


4. Offshore Oil Platform Worker: £50,165

For a job which demands being away from dry land for months at a time, living on an oil rig to help source, process and ship oil to the mainland, this substantial wage does not seem at all superfluous.

Such a great salary certainly goes a significant way towards compensating for this physically demanding job, as well as all the time spent away from friends and family.

However, no university degree is required - only courage and commitment.


3. Air Traffic Controller: £62,399

Guiding aeroplanes to and from a runway in safety is certainly a demanding job, but an essential one too, especially with the scale of today’s air travel.

Focus, concentration and working under enormous amounts of pressure are definitely the main requirements for a career in air traffic control, but you do not necessarily need a university degree.


2. Equities Trader: £68,000

Equities Traders deal primarily in financial markets, buying and selling stocks, shares and bonds.

In such a constantly evolving and ruthless environment, this job demands a sharp financial vigilance, pristine communication skills and slick client management ability.

Fortune can be made or lost in a split second in this industry, but the thrill is in the risk - perhaps it’s savviness rather than academic ability which is more important to be successful in this job.


1. Plumber: up to £100,000 

With the gaping skills gap in the UK’s trade industry gnawing a hole in many proposed construction plans for the next five years, plumbers (and other tradespeople such as electricians and gas engineers) have seen an unprecedented rise in demand and wage.

With skilled plumbers still hard to come by, especially in populated UK cities, plumbers such as Charlie Mullins OBE (the millionaire plumber) are very busy indeed. All without a university degree.

If you want to become a plumber or any kind of tradesperson to take advantage of the current trade skills shortage in the UK, enquire today about a course with Access Training.

With the best facilities in the UK and highly experienced tutors, you can guarantee the best preparation for a fulfilling, successful career in the trade.


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