Trade Jobs That Make a Difference

Trade Jobs That Make a Difference

trade jobs that make a difference

If you're looking for jobs that make a difference, then look no further than the trade industry.

Trade jobs are essential for the running of our society. The skills within trade jobs are always needed, with certain specialties and careers making a huge difference within our day-to-day lives. 


Electrical Engineer

In the 21st century, we rely heavily on electricity. In the UK alone, the average for annual energy usage in homes is 3,370kWh. It's almost impossible for society to live without electricity since it has become such an essential part of our existence. Just think about the increase in electric cars over the last 5 years! 

The truth of the matter is: we are completely immersed in our usage of electricity, and it's often taken for granted until it is too late. And when that time does come, who do you call upon? Your trusty electrician.

Also, electrical engineers have one of the most dangerous jobs around. Installing, maintaining and repairing electrical systems comes with many dangers and risks. They have to navigate live wires, vast heights, tight spaces and the potential exposure to toxic chemicals. 

Due to a global skills shortage within the trade industry, there's a huge increasing demand for trained electricians. Electricians make a huge difference within society due to the fact they are specially skilled to perform high risk tasks that the general public cannot carry out alone. 

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Gas Engineer

Without gas, there'd be no electricity! Also, many homes in the UK still use gas as their primary power source. By trade, a gas engineer specialises in systems and appliances that use natural gas, such as boilers and gas fires. Their work involves installing, repairing and maintaining these systems to keep them running smoothly and safely. 

One of the main risks within gas work is the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. In England and Wales, approximately 40 deaths and 200 non-fatal poisonings requiring hospital admission are reported each year.

Gas boilers are the most likely to cause carbon monoxide poisoning due to the potential incomplete combustion of fuels, and a gas engineer's one of many roles is to conduct thorough assessments and checks to ensure the safety of these boilers.

As a gas engineer, you will be able to progress in a career that is extremely rewarding. You'll be performing hands-on tasks that make a difference to customers' everyday lives, whilst simultaneously keeping society safe from the dangers of gas misuse. 

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Construction Worker

The construction industry is currently booming in the UK - it is worth a whopping £160 billion annually to our economy. By 2030, the UK population is expected to increase by 3.2%, meaning there is a huge demand for building and property development and ongoing maintenance work for these structures. 

Construction workers literally form and shape the society we live in, providing people with shops, hospitals, homes, schools, and even jobs within these buildings!

As a construction worker, you leave a legacy behind through your work by creating buildings that have the ability to connect communities, provide shelter, and improve society. All this means that working in construction really will expose you to jobs that make a difference.

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Water is one of the most important resources in the whole world. Water is often taken for granted - think about all the things we use it for! Health, hygiene, and well-being would be severely effected if a vital water source were to shut down.

Trained plumbers are responsible for ensuring that a plumbing system is safely installed whilst mitigating the dangerous risks of water contamination, cross connections, scalding, and even thermal shock. Also, plumbers work towards the shared goal of water sustainability and efficiency, potentially saving money in the process.

Not only that, but plumbing is essential for gas lines and heating systems to work effectively. Without a safely functioning plumbing system, it is very likely that your home or building would be unable to run at all! With the colder months rolling in, safe and reliable plumbing is more vital than ever. 

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All of this means that working in the trades industry exposes you to a wide variety of jobs that make a difference. From local plumbers to National Grid engineers and more, the trades industry is full of jobs that make a real difference in today's society. 

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