Retraining After Redundancy: Pursue a Career in the Trades

Retraining After Redundancy: Pursue a Career in the Trades

Retraining After Redundancy

Losing your job can be a real punch to the gut, but don't worry, there are always other paths to explore. Think of it as a chance to learn new skills, get a fresh start, and rekindle your career with the right support. At Access Training, we are here to guide you every step of the way, especially if you're thinking about switching to the trades after getting laid off.

Our team gets it – losing your job is tough. We've seen it happen, and we've helped tons of people turn this bump in the road into a successful new career.

Don't let getting laid off hold you back – choose a new field to learn that makes you feel excited! We offer a bunch of different training courses in lots of areas, so you can pick up the skills you need to land your next gig.


Why the trades industry?

Well, for starters, there's a huge need for skilled tradespeople right now! The trade industry is seriously lacking in workers. From electricians and plumbers to gas engineers and carpenters, there are tons of open jobs all over the country. This means good pay, job security, and a clear path to move up in your career.

Unlike some office jobs that can disappear when the economy goes south, the trades are pretty stable. People will always need skilled tradespeople, no matter what's happening in the bigger market. That makes it a solid career choice that'll give you peace of mind about your future.


Why Access Training?

We don't just check out your skills, we celebrate them and aid you in using them to your advantage! Our expert trainers and recruitment team will work with you to figure out what you already know and how you can use it, then build a personalised training plan that fills in any gaps. This way, you're not starting from scratch – you're building on your experience, which is valuable.

Learning new skills shouldn't break the bank, especially after losing your job. That's why we offer different payment plans and financial options to help you out. We want you to focus on learning, not stressing about money.

We've got top-notch training facilities that are both supportive and fun. You'll be surrounded by other people who are on the same journey, so you can make new friends and maybe even future colleagues.

Losing your job might feel like a detour, but it's not the end of the road. We at Access Training believe that every challenge has a hidden opportunity. Let us help you learn new skills, get a fresh start, and rediscover what you're capable of.


Ready to take the first step?

Get in touch with us and let our experienced team help you map out your path to a brighter future. Remember, losing your job doesn't have to define you – it can be the spark that ignites an even more amazing career!

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