Student Spotlight: Jess

Student Spotlight: Jess

electrical training course revew - jess the electrician

Jess recently completed her electrical training with us in our Welwyn Garden City centre. Jess is now carrying out full and partial rewires including maintenance work following her training. Read her electrical training course review and find out what she has to say about Access Training here. 

Electrical Training Course Review - Jess

The online training was great as I could sit in the comfort of my own home and learn. I didn’t have to worry about travel or missing class if I was unwell because I could just log on anywhere. The webinars Rob did were very detailed and full of analogies. Anyone that’s sat Rob's class will never get the wandering lead song out of their head or 'X Gon Give it Ya'. Honestly, he made eight hours of learning a day feel like two hours. The best part of the online training was that if you weren’t sure on something you could simply re-watch the webinars. This proved to be very helpful in the revision period leading up to my exams. 

The practical training at Welwyn Garden City was extremely detailed and fun. You learn a lot within the two weeks in a safe and controlled environment. I thoroughly enjoyed the live testing on three-phase electrical power, as well as the chance to wire in different types of circuits - including an armoured cable for an exterior socket. This training really prepared me for my practical assessments and Brian’s ways of teaching are fantastic. He goes into detail and explains why we do things the way we do, whilst also ensuring to demonstrate the practices. He is a very patient tutor who is happy to help when needed. Both of my tutors, Rob Glover and Brian Grig, really went above and beyond to ensure I was receiving the best service and education.

When I signed up for my course, my father became seriously ill with life threatening Sepsis. He offered me extra support and has remained very supportive ever since. He sent me extra webinars and guided me on what I should focus on. I struggled with one of my exams in particular and Rob reminded me how far I have come in the space of a year, encouraging me and pushing me on. Brian has been very supportive too with things such as career options and advice. Rob got me to come in for one of the recruitment open day sessions which sounds promising for my career. Everyone at the Welwyn site were very helpful and supportive, including Zakia and Anthony.

I also made a group of good friends throughout my time at Access Training.

One of the best aspects of Access Training is that I was able to learn whilst still earning. I had full support from the staff as if I was in full time college. It’s not rushed and it’s tailored to support learners however they may need. Whenever anyone asks me about my course, I always tell them about how beneficial and versatile Access Training is and I always advise them to consider using Access if they are considering a career change too.


Jess was kind enough to leave a review about her experience on our electrical training course – thanks Jess! If you’d like to read more Access Training reviews and testimonials from former students, check out the link below.

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