Where in the UK Are Electricians Most in Demand?

Where in the UK Are Electricians Most in Demand?

where are electricians in demand

A 2022 survey of nationwide search data, found that the UK cities where electricians are most in demand (in terms of monthly searches) were:

  1. Worcester – 2,088 monthly searches
  2. Bedford – 1,723 monthly searches
  3. Preston – 1,783 monthly searches
  4. Lincoln – 1,696 monthly searches
  5. Colchester – 2,149 monthly searches

Qualified electricians are sorely needed in all parts of the UK, but, according to recent data, demand is particularly high in places like Worcester and Bedford.

This could be due to a number of factors, including an increasing number of new buildings being constructed, the need to upgrade old electrical infrastructure in domestic and commercial properties, and the growing popularity of electric vehicles.

Because of the many ways that our world is constantly changing, there is always a demand for electricians. This, in turn, creates plenty of job opportunities for electricians, making it a reliable and highly rewarding career choice.


Where can I train to be an electrician?

If you’re thinking about training as an electrician, now is a great time to do it. Here at Access Training, we provide several electrical training courses and our training centres can be found all over the UK, including the Midlands (1 hour drive from Worcester), Hertfordshire (around 1 hour drive from Bedford) and Manchester (just over an hour away from Preston).

Find your closest Access Training centre here, or get in touch to discuss your training requirements with one of our course advisors.


Access Training UK Training Centres

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of both beginner and experienced electricians and our training centres have everything you need to give you the skills you need to prepare you for a career as an electrician.

The courses cover a wide range of topics, including electrical installation, electrical theory, and electrical safety. We also offer a number of support services to our students, including career advice and help with finding work placements.

If you are interested in training as an electrician in the UK, Access Training is the perfect place to start. Speak to our course advisors today to learn more about courses and training options.

Some additional benefits of training as an electrician with Access Training include:

  • Working on a variety of projects, from small domestic repairs to large commercial installations
  • Working with cutting-edge technology
  • Being part of a growing and in-demand industry
  • Setting yourself up to work in a safe and sustainable field

If you're considering a career change or starting out on your journey in the trades, enquire today, Access Training can help.

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