Student Spotlight: Stuart

Student Spotlight: Stuart

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Stuart completed his training with Access at our Welwyn Garden City Centre to become an Electrician - and has since enrolled on some course add-ons. Since making a career change at 35, he is now working full-time as an Electrician, with his career going from strength to strength.

Find out more about his successful career change at 35 and training experience with Access Training here.


How to Change Careers at 35

I started my Professional Electrical training at Access Training in 2020 and I completed the course in just under 2 years. I decided to train in the trades as I realised that I enjoy working with my hands, rather than being sat at a desk all day. At the time of starting my course, I was already 35 years old and I had a baby on the way - you could say it was almost like a mid-life crisis! I realised that I wanted to mark 40 years old as being in a good, secure and stable place in my job and life, and so made the decision to make a career change to the trades at 35

The format of the online learning is perfect for when you are still working, like I was. I could go back and open up any webinars wherever I was and as often as I liked, as well as being able to pause the videos to allow me to google or look up subjects I wanted more information on. You can progress at a pace that works for you and fits in around your schedule. It really does work perfectly if you wish to complete your training alongside working a job and your family life, ideal for individuals making a career change. The live chat function was also a handy tool to have at your fingertips - you could ask any questions you had in real time. Additionally, the tutors were always available to speak to via email, which ensured that we never felt like we were on our own.

I completed my theory with Rob, the Electrics tutor in Welwyn Garden City. He made the learning so interesting and engaging. I was never really interested at school, so I was concerned about having to study again, but Rob quickly eradicated my worries! He gets his point across extremely well and efficiently - he keeps the entire classroom entertained whilst simultaneously teaching us all the information we needed to know. My practical training was completed with Brian, who is a very knowledgeable man. The classrooms were to a high standard and they had everything we needed to hand.

I was blown away by the support I was offered from Access, including the Open Days and career guidance. I was lucky enough to find my own work once I had completed my training but if I had not, I feel very confident that Access would’ve assisted me with finding a stable job. My Course Advisor, Paul, was such a help throughout my time at Access. No job was too much for him! He was so knowledgeable and assisted me with any queries - I can’t fault my experience at Access.

Almost as soon as I had finished my Electrical training, I was approached by a company in my area. There was a job advertised on Facebook and someone passed on my details to them - causing them to reach out to me! A year and a half later, I am still very happily working with the Electrical company. I have been in secure employment since I completed my exams and became qualified. 

Since completing my original qualification, I have also finished my EV Charging Installation course, and enrolled on my NVQ Level 3 at the end of August. The whole process of applying and receiving support seemed almost too easy, so I was eager to expand my skill set with Access.

If you are thinking of making a midlife career change and starting your career in the trades, I would say just do it! Don’t spend too much time thinking about it, as the sooner you start, the further down the road you get. If you can’t see yourself behind a desk or stuck inside, a career in the trades is the option for you.

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