The Benefits of Taking an EV Charger Installation Course

The Benefits of Taking an EV Charger Installation Course


If you are a qualified electrician and you'd like to build up your skills portfolio, our 2-day EV charger installation course is a brilliant way to take your career as an electrician a step further. With 1.1 million electric cars now in use on UK roads, you will receive many benefits for providing customers with this unique and in-demand skill.


EV Charger Installation Pays Good Money

Based on the average of 86 salaries in the UK, an EV charger installer can earn...

  • £17.69 per hour
  • £133 a day
  • £663 per week
  • £1,438 per fortnight
  • £2,875 per month
  • £34,500 a year

And this is higher than the UK's average national salary! As it is such an in-demand job, customers are more than willing to pay well for EV charger installations as it will save them money, and a lot of effort, in the long run.

Bonus: Did you know that our course will enable you to register on the Rolec Approved Installer Scheme? This scheme can result in job referrals and grants of up to £350 per installation through the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV)


It's Convenient For You, and Your Customers

The task of installing an EV charger point only takes around 2 hours on average. Obviously, this can depend on whether there's a suitable location for the charging point, and whether any wiring needs to be moved around or extended.

This timeframe is really great if you're a self-employed electrician, as you'll be able to schedule jobs around your other commitments, making your work-life balance much healthier. You'll be working on your own terms - and who doesn't want that?

Obviously, it's a super convenient skill to have if you install an EV charger for yourself, too. Additionally, you're also providing convenience to your customers so they don't have to circle around for a charging point if their car is going to die between journeys. Instead, you can give them valuable peace of mind by installing an EV charging point directly onto their property for unlimited use, and constant charge!


It's a Rewarding Job

Electric vehicles are just one solution in many to combat harmful emissions - and you could be an essential part of working towards The Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario.

With society becoming more and more aware of the immanent climate crisis, consumers are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. This is why electric vehicles have really taken off in recent years! Due to the increase in demand, your service will be greatly appreciated by your customers and you'll also be playing an active part in the path towards a greener, cleaner future. 

On another note, it's also a great service to add to your business as it shows that you care about the world, the environment, and your customers. This could bring in more customers through shared values and ethics!

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We hope this blog has answered all you need to know about EV charger installation benefits. If you're interested in enrolling onto our EV charger installation course, or if you have any questions, we'd be more than happy to help you upskill your career as an electrician!

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