Tips for Finding Trade Jobs in Renewable Energy

Tips for Finding Trade Jobs in Renewable Energy

renewable energy jobs 

If you're looking for jobs in renewable energy, we've compiled a list of tips and tricks to land you a perfect role. You will be directly contributing to the production of environmentally-friendly energy sources in no time.


Renewable Energy Recruitment

Renewable energy is a rapidly-growing industry, one which shows no signs of slowing down. The International Energy Agency have even stated that renewables will be the world's top electricity source within a few years, so there will be plenty of job opportunities opening up for prospective tradesmen. Passion for your prospective role is not just a green flag in the interview: it's key to the whole world of renewable energy jobs. After all, the sector is all about creating a sustainable environment for humans to comfortably reside in for generations to come. You have to have a genuine passion and interest in making the world more liveable if you're going to work in the industry.

This is because renewable energy sources run off of natural phenomena, such as sun, wind, waste, and heat from the Earth's surface, meaning they don't give off pollutants or harmful greenhouse gases. It's important that you're behind this so your passion will shine through to your potential employers.

Another green flag for employers is demonstrating knowledge about the industry, and intuitive approaches for problem solving techniques. 

To build these both up, ensure that you research and keep up with the news. Even if you start off with reading a 2-minute article each day, you'll see your confidence and your knowledge grow - and there are no limits! These will both be great benefits as you search for jobs in renewable energy companies.

Top Tip: Look up Google Alerts and set up alerts for news stories related to your favourite topics in renewable energy.

Entry Level Renewable Energy Jobs

There's no better way to show you're capable of the available jobs in renewable energy than getting as much experience as you can! Work experience will show your future employers that you have the practical and theoretical knowledge to start your renewables career off with shining colours. 

Work experience can be hard to acquire, especially if you're young, or lack valuable contacts. Our best advice would be to start networking little and often. Whether you start up a LinkedIn profile, or join a few groups on Facebook for prospective engineers or electricians, you'll build up a portfolio of contacts that will inspire you and help you get to where you need to be. That way you can look for jobs in renewable energy with confidence and a strong support network behind you!  

Find Renewable Energy Jobs

Luckily, you're in the right place if you're looking to start a career in renewables. For more information about jobs in renewable energy and how to get a career in renewable energy, take a look at one of our recent blogs. 

At Access Training, we provide a range of trade courses that will allow you to gain qualifications to support you in any of the jobs in renewable energy you may encounter.

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For more information on how our courses can guide you towards getting jobs in renewable energy, contact us today to get your renewables career started!

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