What is the Salary of an EV Charger Installer?

What is the Salary of an EV Charger Installer?


As of early February 2023, there are now over 680,00 electric cars on UK roads. With electric vehicles slowly becoming the norm, many people are taking advantage of the jobs that arise from the ongoing maintenance of electric vehicles. 

One of the most popular jobs for electric vehicles is the role of EV Charger Installer.

  1. What is the Salary of an EV Charger Installer?
  2. What Does an EV Charger Installer Do?
  3. Can Anyone Install an EV Charger?
  4. How to Install an EV Charger
  5. Become an EV Charger Installer

EV Charger Installer Salary

On average, an EV charger installer can expect to earn £34,500 a year. This equates to roughly £17.69 per hour. 

This is slightly higher than the average annual wage in the UK which currently stands at £33,000

Entry-level EV charger installers also earn a decent wage, with junior positions starting at £32,500.

If you choose to work your way to the top, you can earn an extremely comfortable salary of £38,600 as an experienced EV charger installer. 


What Does an EV Charger Installer Do?

Electric Vehicles, also known as EVs, run on - you guessed it - electricity! This means that they need to be charged several times a week to run efficiently.

If you own an electric vehicle, then you can charge your electric vehicle at a petrol station or a street charging point. Whilst this can be a convenient option, it can also be a hassle if you don't have one nearby. 

The simple solution for this is to install an EV charging point in your home. An EV charger installer's job is to safely install an EV charger for your property, which will allow you to charge your electric vehicle as and when you need it. 


Can Anyone Install an EV Charger?

To install an EV charging point, you will have to be a qualified electrician.

This is because the installation needs to follow the BS7671 Wiring Regulations. You will also need a qualified electrician to test and inspect the EV charger installation to ensure that it is safe for use. 

Also, the installation of an EV charger requires sign off from a registered electrician. 

So, what do you do if you want to install your own EV charger?


How To Install an EV Charger 

If you wish to install your own EV charger, then there are a few qualifications you will need under your belt first. 

Firstly, you will some relevant electrical qualifications, such as an NVQ qualification like our Premier Electrical Course which is perfect for candidates with no prior experience.

This course will allow you to achieve all the qualifications needed to legally carry out the EV charger installation (and a few extras!).

Or, if you already have knowledge and qualifications for performing initial verification on electrical installations, you can skip straight to our EV Charger Installation Course, where you can gain your Level 3 Award.


Become an EV Charger Installer with Access Training

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