Is an NVQ Qualification Worth It?

Is an NVQ Qualification Worth It?


If you're looking to start your career in the skilled trades industry, you've probably come across the term 'NVQ Qualification'. An NVQ qualification is a vocational qualification, providing you with all the practical and physical skills that your future employer will be looking for. Whether you choose to become a gas engineer, an electrician, a plumber, and much more!

An NVQ is different to any other qualification as it is entirely work based (also known as competence-based), as you will be assessed on your ability to perform certain tasks in your chosen field. So, is a NVQ qualification worth it? Let's find out...

1. Recognised By Employers

The NVQ is a national qualification, meaning employers are aware of the NVQ's importance within the trade industry, and the practical skills a potential employee can gain from completing a NVQ qualification.

Put simply, to become a fully qualified tradesperson, you will at least need a Level 2 or a Level 3 NVQ in your chosen field. 

As it is widely recognised, an NVQ qualification can open up career and employment opportunities as soon as you've passed. Think about an NVQ qualification as a big green tick on your application for your dream job!


2. Flexible and Tailored to You

If you struggle with exams and classroom-based work, NVQ qualifications are a wonderful alternative. As NVQs are based on work competence, you will be mainly assessed through practical assessments meaning you can prove your worth through showing and telling, instead of remembering countless theories and studies. Sounds good, right? 

An additional bonus is that NVQ qualifications can be completed over longer periods of time due to the unit structure and the Qualification Credit Framework (QCF). This provides learners with flexibility, and a great work-life balance while they complete their qualification.

NVQ qualifications can be obtained in the following levels: 

  • Entry: This level will allow you to learn the basic knowledge and skills of your trade. An entry level NVQ is perfect for those with little to no prior knowledge or experience. 
  • Level 1: This level introduces you to your trade in more depth, where you will learn to apply your knowledge from level 1 to practical situations.
  • Level 2: In level 2, you will expand on your existing knowledge and learn to work alone, as well as in teams or groups. 
  • Level 3: This level will allow you to take more responsibility and you will have the opportunity to make more important decisions regarding your tasks and the solutions you may take to solve a problem. 
  • Level 4: At this point, you will start to narrow down your learning into a specialist field.
  • Level 5: This is the final level of the NVQ qualification, and once you complete your level 5 NVQ, you will be expected to respond professionally and effectively to complex demands and situations. 

If you're still up for learning more, you can then take the relevant training to take on a senior or managerial role in your trade.


3. 1-2-1 Support

It can sometimes be hard to learn in a huge class where you don't feel able to ask for help. This will never be the case with an NVQ course, as you will have an experienced professional guiding you the whole way. 

A NVQ qualification involves a very practical way of learning. Because of this, you will be expected to ask questions. After all, they show that you're learning and taking in new information! In turn, your tutor will be more than happy to demonstrate anything that you may need help with on a one-to-one basis.


4. Prepares You For the Real World of Work

An NVQ qualification will provide you with an incredibly in-depth and clear understanding of your responsibility in whichever trade you choose to excel in.

The NVQ will allow you to stay up to date with the latest legislations and best practices within your trade, which you will refer to a lot in the real world of work, whether you become a self-employed tradesman, or if you choose to work for an employer. 

Additionally, by the end of your NVQ, you will be fully equipped with all the practical and theoretical information you will need to go from strength to strength in your chosen career path. 


Start a NVQ Qualification with Access Training 

If the above sounds appealing to you, then you're the perfect candidate for an NVQ qualification in the trades. Take a look at our range of course overview pages, where you can scroll down to see the NVQ qualifications that we offer. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with a friendly member of our team who will be there to support you throughout your application and enrolment. 

At Access Training, we've helped thousands of people in your situation learn a new trade and change careers quickly. Don't just take it from us, take a look at our client reviews and testimonials.


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