Career Progression Opportunities for Gas Engineers

Career Progression Opportunities for Gas Engineers

With over 23 million gas boilers in use across the UK, there are just as many gas engineers working hard to keep these boilers maintained. When you become a gas engineer, you enter into an incredibly exciting industry with lots of opportunity for career progression. 

If you're looking to progress your gas engineering career, take a look at the our career progression opportunities for gas engineers and see if anything takes your fancy!


1. Renewable Gas Engineer

We recently published a blog all about the global demand for gas engineers and what the future means for the role. Over the next 10-15 years, it is estimated that the UK will slowly phase out the use of gas from all households. In fact, in only two years time, gas boilers are predicted to be replaced with renewable heating systems. 

If you're currently a gas engineer, there's no need to worry. Due to the introduction of renewable natural gasses (RNG) such as hydrogen, LPG and biogas, many companies are already upskilling their staff and training them in these renewable gas sources in preparation of the big switch. 

The average renewable engineer salary in the UK is a comfortable £42,488 ( So, if this is something you might be interested in, our Liquid Petroleum Gas Training Course would be the perfect way to upskill your gas engineering qualifications.


2. Gas Engineer Supervisor

If you've spent enough time under the thumb of your boss, why not switch the roles and become a gas engineer supervisor? This role will allow you to take on a more managerial role within the gas engineer industry. 

Becoming a gas engineer is a physically demanding job that requires a lot of maneuvering in awkward or tight spaces. After a period of time, this kind of work can take a physical toll on your body. If you're ready to leave the physical nature of becoming a gas engineer behind, then a Gas Engineer Supervisor role will allow you to upskill in different ways.

Plus, you'll still be able to get stuck into the physical jobs as and when you feel up to it!


3. Military Gas Engineer

If you love action and working under pressure, you could upskill to become a military gas engineer. With positions always advertised and in demand, you can guarantee that you'll be in a rewarding job that makes a difference. There are many different types of military gas engineer job roles available, including...

  • Nuclear Gas Engineer: these roles involve working with the production of electricity from nuclear energy.

  • Maritime Gas Engineer: these roles involve designing, constricting and operating fixed and mobile oil platforms/systems on board ships and sea vessels.

  • Army Gas Engineer: these roles involve installing and maintain heating systems in army buildings, bases and hospitals.

Military engineers also have the option to work overseas and abroad. So, if you're also looking to take your job out of the UK, this option gives you everything you need. Excitement, travel and action!


4. Offshore Gas Engineer

If you're looking for an offshore job and it suits your personal needs, you could become an offshore gas engineer.

Offshore gas engineers spend long periods of time out on the water, designing, modifying and improving gas drilling operations.

If you're up for the challenge, many offshore programs require gas engineers to live under tough conditions. So, it's essential that you have good physical and mental strength for this role. There's no denying that it is a physically and mentally demanding gas engineer job, but the salary reflects the sacrifices that offshore gas engineers have to make.

The salary of an offshore gas engineer means you can earn anywhere from £24,000 to £68,000 a year.


Looking To Progress Your Career as a Gas Engineer?

Get in touch with our team at Access Training to find out how we can help you upskill your gas qualifications. There are a number of different avenues to explore with our range of fast-track gas courses

So, if you're keen to progress in your gas career, we're ready to help you. Browse our gas courses below and be sure to get in touch.

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