How to Find a Gas Safe Engineer

How to Find a Gas Safe Engineer

If you require some gas work done in your property, it is always recommended to acquire a Gas Safe registered engineer for the job. This blog will tell you all about the Gas Safe register, and how to find a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out work in your property. 


If you have your engineer's unique licence number (found on the front of their Gas Safe ID card) check their current qualifications by clicking the button below. 

Check the Gas Safe Register


If you're looking to find a Gas Safe engineer to carry out gas work in your area, click the link button below and enter your postcode.

Find a Gas Safe Engineer



What is the Gas Safe Register? 

The Gas Safe register is the only official gas registration body of gas businesses and engineers throughout the UK. If you are a gas business or engineer, you must be on the Gas Safe Register by law. 

Essentially, businesses and engineers on the Gas Safe Register are safe for use and trustworthy. Customers of Gas Safe registered engineers can be reassured that they comply with the legal requirements and regulations for gas work. 


What is a Gas Safe Registered Engineer?

A Gas Safe registered engineer is one that is aligned to a Gas Safe business and has been issued with a license to undertake gas work on behalf of the registered business - if they hold valid and current qualifications. You can also join the Gas Safe Register if you're a self-employed gas engineer. 

For a gas engineer to be legally classed as Gas Safe registered, they must hold their CCN1 qualification and their  ACS certification.

If you're the customer of a gas engineer that claims that they are on the Gas Safe Register, you are always within your rights to ask to see their certificates or qualifications.


What Work Can Gas Safe Engineers Do?

Not all Gas Safe engineers are legally able to carry out all types of gas work. Each Gas Safe registered engineer will have a list of the tasks they are qualified to carry out on their Gas Safe ID card. As a customer, you should always check that your chosen gas engineer is qualified to do the task at hand before you use them.

Some of the qualifications you will find on the back of an engineer's Gas Safe ID card include: 

  • Domestic (homes) and commercial (businesses/factories) 
  • LPG and natural gas
  • Different areas of gas work including boilers, cookers, fires etc. 



Can the Gas Safe Register Check the Work I've Had Done? 

If you've had gas work done in the last six months, you can request a free gas safety inspection for you gas installations. You can fill out a safety inspection request form or call the Gas Safe Register on 0800 408 5500 to do this.


Are You Interested in Becoming a Gas Safe Engineer? 

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