What Is a Self-Employed Electrician's Salary?

What Is a Self-Employed Electrician's Salary?

How much does a self employed electrician make in the UK?

According to recent research, self-employed electricians in the UK actually earn more than the average electrician. Out of 20,000 self-employed electricians used in the study, the average self-employed electrician earned a whopping £51,200 per year. This figure is 56% more than the average electrician!

In 2022, the Office for National Statistics reported that the average electrician’s salary is £32,540. This is considerably higher than the UK national average wage, which is £28,080. If you work for a contractor, then your salary might be more likely to be leaning towards the lower thirties. However, if you take matters into your own hands and become self-employed, highly qualified, and carry out work of a good quality, then you can decide the extent of your earning potential.


Why is a self employed electrician's salary higher?

Self-employed electricians have the ability and freedom to earn more money for many reasons. When you become a self-employed electrician, you have the ability to decide your own working hours and the amount of jobs that you take on.

Most importantly, you will be able to decide your own rates. If you establish yourself as a trustworthy and reliable tradesman, then you'll find that your customers will be more than willing to pay what you're charging!


What Are the benefits of becoming a self-employed electrician?

There are many benefits to be had when you become a self-employed electrician. From better pay to a more fulfilling work-life balance, there are many reasons why electricians choose to become self-employed.

1. It's rewarding: you'll own your own business and see it grow over time!

2. Choose your own schedule: you can choose the jobs you take on and when you want to do them.

3. Better pay: you can decide your own rates for the work you carry out.

4. Better work-life balance: you will be able to schedule your tasks around your personal life. 


How to become a self-employed electrician

If you're looking to become a self-employed electrician, then you're in the right place! Electricians have the highest earnings out of all the trades, so you'll definitely see rewards for the work you put in. 

To be a self-employed electrician, you will need at least a Level 3 Electrical Qualification awarded by EAL or City and Guilds. 

In fact, if you have no prior experience, we have a course that will supply you with all the qualifications (and a few more!) that you may need to become a self-employed electrician. 

Our Professional Electrician Course is perfect for beginners, and will fast-track you to becoming a self-employed electrician in no time. With this course, you will gain the following electrical qualifications: 

Or, if you want to earn while you learn to become a self-employed electrician, our paid electrical apprenticeship would also be a great option for you.


Are you ready to become a self-employed electrician?

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