8 Secure Careers That Will Protect Your Child’s Future

8 Secure Careers That Will Protect Your Child’s Future

The uncertainty of the current state of the economy, post Brexit, will likely have an impact on job security in the UK.

According to industry experts, it's a realistic possibility that the country could go back into a recession, which in turn could result in the threat of job cuts, industries failing and companies going into administration. With this in mind, job security could potentially become less secure, and the prospects of our children’s future might seem dimmer than before.

But despite this uncertainty, there are many thriving new industries which can offer plenty of job opportunities.

If you’re concerned about your child’s future like many others, here are 8 thriving career paths that can ensure a secure, stable, successful future for your children.


The UK is currently suffering from a significant skills shortage in the engineering sector, and in order to compete with the huge output of engineering graduates from other countries across the world, the demand for them is very high.

Engineering degrees certainly require hard work to acquire, but there are also apprenticeship and trainee schemes which can lead your child on the right path if they don’t like the idea of attending university.

Engineering is a particularly strong job choice because of the vast breadth of careers that it covers - your child could be a civil, mechanical, chemical or electrical engineer; and that’s not to mention the various branches within those four schools of engineering.

What’s more, your child doesn’t need a degree to become an electrical engineer and earn up to £44,000 a year.

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Not only are doctors in enormous demand, but a career in the health service is always a highly rewarding one, whilst also being challenging and secure.

The healthcare industry is growing quickly. Care home staff, ambulance staff, nurses and hospital staff are in high demand, with our health service under greater strain due to the uncertain economic state.

A career in healthcare for your child is very transportable. Health services all around the world are always in need of extra help, particularly in third world countries and those left displaced and in turmoil through various conflicts.

A career in healthcare can be extremely challenging, but very rewarding.

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Teachers have always held a highly respected and important role in society, inspiring generation after generation to develop their talents and enjoy a successful career, whatever their level of skill and aspirations.

Schools will always be open, and children will always need teaching. Whether it be primary schools, secondary schools, or college and university lecturing, a teaching career has various branches, opportunities and subjects to teach, which is why its future is so stable.

Video Gaming


It might sound unbelievable, especially for parents... but it’s true! All that time telling your kids to stop playing those video games and have some fresh air might have been wasted after all, as more and more people have been making a very stable and rewarding career out of testing video games.

The demand isn’t necessarily restricted to actual video game players, (although video game testers are in demand) but also game designers and programmers.

Although predominantly American and Japanese industries, the UK is yapping at their heels, harbouring a surprisingly strong industry itself, with vibrant, growing scenes from Cardiff to Liverpool, all the way up to Dundee!

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Although you may need a degree to embark on this career, once you’ve done all the hard work, you’ll be set for life.

Accountants are an indispensable part of any business, and it is often found that demands for their services increase during downturns in the economy. So, with today’s economic state, now might be a good time to consider this career.

If your child has the right attitude and determination, then why not?



As with accountants, a lawyer’s job security is almost guaranteed by their training and professional knowledge.

With court cases and disputes of all kind never ceasing, lawyers are always sure to be in high demand.

In addition to this, there are many branches of law which can be explored, from dealing with criminal cases, divorces, wills... the list goes on.


With huge new advancements in the field, increased funding, more advanced, important research and massive breakthroughs, the pharmaceuticals industry has boomed, and continues to do so.

As a result, there is a higher demand for people to disperse these drugs to the people who need them. A career in pharmacy is a highly rewarding and successful one. Since there appears to be no limit on what scientific medical research can achieve, the industry is set to skyrocket, and who knows what other miraculous developments they will make?

In addition to this, pharmaceutical giants GlaxoSmithKline have today announced (27/07/2016) that they are to invest a massive £250 million into the UK's pharmaceutical industry. This shows that any uncertainty regarding the industry post-Brexit is unfounded, and that the country's strong, skilled workforce is enough to secure its future. 

Whatever it may bring, pharmacists are certainly in for a healthy future.


The safety of a career in psychology is based on the assurance that a psychologist’s job can never be overtaken by a machine, and people will always require the benefits that come with counselling and therapy.

In a society where mental health awareness is far greater than it ever was, and more investment is being made into researching its treatments, the demand for psychologists to put theory into practice will increase.

Psychology can be used as an important factor in other fields, such as medicine, sport and law, which provides a wider scope for successful career opportunities for your child.

Skilled Trade

The career that without doubt offers the most security in this entire list, is a career in trade, particularly for plumbersgas engineers and electricians.

With a huge increase in young people attending university in recent years, the number of those pursuing careers in trade has plummeted, resulting in a concerning UK skills shortage.

But the demand has remained as high as it ever was, if not higher; with a growing population and many large scale government plans for housing and road developments, tradespeople are in extremely high demand, and as a result, work is easier to find.

Average UK wages for:

Employed plumbers - £28,362

Domestic Electricians - £29,000

Gas engineers- £32,500

Now is the Time to Become a Fully-Qualified Tradesperson

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