Testimonial: “I couldn’t be more grateful”

Testimonial: “I couldn’t be more grateful”

geraint jones 

You’re never too old to retrain and start a new career, Geraint Jones did just that. Here we discuss his experience with Access Training and how his career has developed since achieving his qualifications.

What Did You Do Before? 

"Before Access Training, I was a Pharmaceuticals Commercial Director. It involved long hours of travel, and wasn’t something I was particularly enthused about. I’d thought about changing jobs, but at 36 years old, I felt that it might be too late in the day to start a brand new career from scratch. However, I began to search regardless."

What Made You Choose Access Training? 

"Soon enough, I found Access Training online and their accommodating courses greatly reassured me that my lack of experience or age hardly mattered, plus they welcomed beginners as well as already advanced tradespeople."

What Course Did You Do and Why?

"I initially decided to visit the site hoping to do a carpentry course. However, upon arrival, I was shown around the centre in its entirety and was particularly attracted to the electrical facilities. Talking to the electrical tutors and some of the students prompted me to change my mind, so as soon as I’d received my redundancy package from my previous employer, I began the electrical course at Access Training."

Did You Enjoy Your Time with Access Training? 

"It was an excellent course - it was structured clearly and logically, beginning with the basics but swiftly moved on to hands-on practical work. It was unbelievably satisfying to track your progress as the course went on and it amazed me how little time it took before I was fitting and testing electrical appliances, and carrying out inspections on domestic work.

"The classes are conveniently small, which allows for almost undivided attention from the tutors. I couldn’t be more grateful for the support I received during the course - all three tutors I had were extremely knowledgeable. With their readily-available help and some hard work I achieved my 2394 and 2395 qualifications."

How Has Your Life Changed Since Qualifying? 

"Now fully qualified and registered with NICEIC, I have started my own business, which is gradually taking off. With the skills and confidence I acquired at Access Training, I have achieved something I had never thought possible."

If you want to be among the dozens of people like Geraint benefiting from Access Training’s top quality services, enquire with us about a course today. Our course advisers have all the necessary information to help you make an informed decision.

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