Celebrating Student Success at Access Training in 2023

Celebrating Student Success at Access Training in 2023


This year, Access Training UK welcomed over 5,000 individuals, turning their career dreams into reality! We welcomed 11 new industry experts to our teaching team, sharing their real-world knowledge across our diverse range of courses.

Interactive blended learning was a major focus, with over 3,300 live webinars and Q&A sessions held throughout the year, creating a dynamic and supportive environment for accessible for everyone, from wherever they are.

Success Stories from All Walks of Life

At Access, we believe in the life-changing power of education. Our students come from each and every background, each with unique goals and aspirations. This year, we saw countless individuals conquer challenges, acquire new skills, and land their dream jobs.

Stuart made a career change at 35: he is now working full-time as an Electrician, with his career going from strength to strength, and has been in secure employment since he completed his exams and became qualified.

Maycon is a University graduate: he recently trained to become a Gas Engineer with Access. With a background in aerospace engineering, he found himself looking for a more diverse and flexible career. Access has enabled him to become a desirable employee even during his training.

Babatunde was looking for a way into the Gas industry: Access Training has given him the hope and opportunity to be a better and more purposeful person in his chosen career - he is confident that once he gets fully qualified, he will look back at the journey with pride.

Happy Students, Glowing Reviews

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in the positive feedback we receive from our students.

Ashna - 

"I have gone from a completely different career to now having a deep understanding in Electrics, with qualifications to back this up. I can't thank Rob and the team enough!"

Nicholas -

"If you have any nerves when you arrive, it will be short lived! You are made welcome and you are not pressured at any stage - you work at your own pace. Callum is always there to assist in any way possible to make sure you achieve your goals and reach the standard required. The training was a great experience and has left me feeling full of confidence."

Dave -

"Zakia was wonderful with setting up the webinars and answering all the admin queries. A great experience and highly recommended. They make a better team than Tottenham!"

What Makes Us Different

Unlike many training providers, we believe in tailoring your learning journey to your unique needs and goals. Through flexible learning options like online modules, blended learning, and part-time schedules, we make quality training accessible regardless of your life commitments. Additionally, our dedicated support team offers personalised mentorship and guidance every step of the way - this falls under your guaranteed 3 years career support. This combination of flexible learning and ongoing support ensures you receive the knowledge, confidence, and skills to not just secure your dream job, but thrive in your new career.

Looking Ahead Into Your Future

As we step into the next year, our commitment remains strong: providing high-quality training, personalised support, and a dynamic learning environment that empowers individuals to reach their full potential. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on communities and shaping the future workforce with skilled and passionate professionals.

Join Us and Make Your Dream Job a Reality!

Ready to embark on your own success journey? Explore our diverse range of courses or contact us today to learn how Access Training can help you achieve your dreams!

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