Construction Reigns as the Most Popular Job in the UK for the Summer

Construction Reigns as the Most Popular Job in the UK for the Summer



As the summer season unfolds in the United Kingdom, certain industries witness a surge in demand for employment opportunities. Among them, the construction sector stands tall, offering the most popular summer jobs. The dynamic nature of construction projects, the abundance of opportunities, and the benefits associated with the industry have contributed to its prominence. This article explores why construction has emerged as the most popular summer jobs provider in the UK.


Demand during Summer:

According to recent data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the construction industry experiences a significant increase in activity during the summer months, leading to a surge in job opportunities. In 2022, there was a 17% rise in construction output from June to August compared to the rest of the year, indicating the seasonal nature of demand.

Because the demand for output is higher in summer, it's easy to see why construction is one of the UK's most popular summer jobs. 

Vibrant Construction Industry:

The construction sector in the UK is a major contributor to the economy. It employs around 2.4 million workers, accounting for approximately 7% of the total workforce, according to the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). This demonstrates the industry's vibrancy and the multitude of job opportunities it offers.


Competitive Wages:


Construction jobs in the UK offer attractive remuneration, making them a popular choice for workers. The ONS reports that the average weekly earnings in the construction industry are higher than the national average across all sectors. In 2022, the average weekly wage for construction workers was £652, surpassing the national average of £600. If you're looking to make money over the twelve weeks of summer, you could earn nearly £8000. It's no wonder construction work is among the most popular summer jobs!


Skill Development:


The construction industry provides excellent prospects for skill development and career progression. According to a CITB survey, 87% of construction employers believe that construction jobs provide valuable opportunities for individuals to learn and develop new skills. This makes construction an appealing option for those seeking personal and professional growth during the summer.

One of the key benefits of retraining in the trades industry is the job satisfaction that comes from seeing the fruits of your labour. The same is true of working in construction: you get to see the fruits of your labour and you get to develop new skills. This level of job satisfaction alone is a clear demonstration of why construction is one of the most popular summer jobs in the UK.  

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The flexible nature of construction jobs during the summer makes them suitable for individuals with varying schedules and commitments. The CITB highlights that the construction industry offers a range of employment options, including short-term contracts and part-time work, catering to the needs of students, teachers, and workers seeking employment opportunities.

The summer is the traditional time of holidays and time off, making a flexible working schedule a very attractive proposition - another reason why construction is among the most popular summer jobs! 


Diverse Work Environment:


Construction projects bring together professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. The CITB's research indicates that the industry attracts individuals from various age groups and educational backgrounds, creating a rich and collaborative work environment. This diversity fosters innovation, teamwork, and a sense of community within the construction sector.

Diversity is becoming more important among prospective employees, so to know that construction work environments are more diverse explains why the industry is consistently among the most popular summer jobs. 


In Conclusion:

With demand during the summer, a vibrant industry, competitive wages, opportunities for skill development, flexibility, and a diverse work environment, it is no surprise that the construction industry offers the most popular summer jobs in the UK. Statistically, the rise in construction output during the summer months, higher average wages compared to other sectors, and the industry's significant contribution to the national workforce further solidify its prominence. For those seeking work during the summer, the construction sector provides rewarding opportunities within a dynamic and thriving industry.



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