Eco-Friendly Jobs: Can Tradespeople Save the Planet?

Eco-Friendly Jobs: Can Tradespeople Save the Planet?


The cost of living crisis is heavily affecting lives across the UK. Due to this, people are looking for eco-friendly options in an attempt to reduce their damage to the environment, and the extortionate costs that come with it. Thankfully, there are many eco-friendly jobs in trade that allow tradesmen to do their part for society, and the environment. 


Eco-Friendly Jobs for Electricians

Over 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions are due to the burning of fossil fuels for electricity generation. This is hardly surprising, given how dependent we are on technology to survive. Over the years, there have been developments within society that allow for more eco-friendly roles within the electric industry. These developments include:

  • The introduction of renewable energy sources such as wind power, solar power and bioenergy
  • The launch of electric vehicles (EV) to reduce tailpipe emissions
  • The development of heat pumps to efficiently transfer thermal energy from outside into a home

When you qualify as an electrician you can become a Renewable Energy Installer which will allow you to install, maintain and repair electrical wiring on heat pumps, solar PV and EV charging installations.

As of September 2022, electric vehicles had a 14% share in the UK's new car market - and this is only set to increase as they are effective in reducing harmful tailpipe emissions. There are also currently 14.84 million heat pumps in active use throughout Europe - so you can ensure that you'll never be out of work!

This is a career pathway that will truly make a difference to the lives of many whilst ensuring you have sustainable, long-term employment. 


Eco-Friendly Jobs for Gas Engineers

If you become a gas-safe engineer, then you will be legally allowed to work on domestic natural gas, as well as LPG gas.

LPG gas stands for Liquid Petroleum Gas and it is a colourless, low-carbon and highly efficient fuel. It is made up of different compounds to natural gas, making it more environmentally friendly because it releases less carbon dioxide than coal and oil.

When you become a LPG gas engineer, you will be contributing to a cleaner environment by making homes greener across the UK. Currently, over 200,000 homes use LPG as their main fuel source, and it is steadily becoming a popular option due to the appealing price and environmental benefits.

At Access Training, we train our tradesmen for a sustainable future.

We believe in quality trade education that lasts, for the peace of mind of our students and any customers that they work for in the future. Take a look at our range of electric, gas and plumbing courses and get in touch at 0800 345 7492 to contribute to a more energy-efficient future.

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