The Energy Crisis: How Can Tradespeople Help Us Through

The Energy Crisis: How Can Tradespeople Help Us Through


Perhaps the one topic which has dominated recent discussions in the media is the oncoming energy crisis. It has been the subject of much debate and whilst no solution has yet to be presented one thing is certain: the UK faces a challenging winter ahead, and our energy bills are going to rise to unprecedented levels. This being said, there are still plenty of ways you can reduce the cost of your energy bills and minimise your energy output. 

As concerning as the situation is fast becoming for millions of people around the country, one feature of the crisis has served to remind us – if we ever needed reminding at all – of the importance of tradespeople and those who install and maintain the appliances which supply our homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals, with energy. Plumbers and heating engineers are central to these utilities, and so their role in supplying us with sensible, efficient energy appliances might be crucial for keeping costs as low as possible.

That is why recent studies have started focusing on the development of low-carbon heating technologies, which have seen an estimated 16% rise in value growth since 2021. One example of this particular development is in the area of underfloor heating, which has become much cheaper and much more efficient to install. The expectation is that plumbers and heating engineers will become increasingly well equipped in installing these systems cheaply, as the designs themselves are becoming more effective and easier to install, even over existing floors. 

With energy efficiency now a primary concern for homeowners across the country, it comes as no surprise that tradespeople are experiencing a huge uptake in the number of people who are enquiring about how best to heat their homes and source their energy. 

A survey from May of this year, in which 1,500 tradespeople took part, revealed that 93% of the respondents believed that their workload would increase in the near future, with 71% of those respondents claiming that their demand was rising due to energy-efficiency-related projects. 

These improvements to energy efficiency are wide-ranging and not restricted to any particular trade. The goal to achieve carbon neutrality is one that will involve every single element of the trades industry. Whether it’s improved insulation for cavity walls, lofts and ceilings, or the installation of heat pumps, solar panels, or other renewable energy sources. Whichever way you choose to go, a tradesperson is the one you’re going to approach for advice, installation, and maintenance. 

Tradespeople are crucial to carrying out energy efficiency developments, as they are the ones who are making the installations, learning about maintenance, and advising customers on the best products. What is clear is that the tradespeople of this country have a great responsibility – and an even greater demand – to help us carry out this revolution in energy usage, to keep costs down, and to transition into a country which is less dependent on fossil fuels. 

It is the plumbers, heating engineers, and other crucial members of the trade industry who will help us carry out this project. If that sounds like a job you can tackle, then why not become a tradesperson today? To undertake a task which will make a huge difference every day, in every household, to the budget of every family and individual throughout the country – and find a stable, fulfilling career at the same time? Sounds like a no brainer. 

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