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Are you tired of hearing about the traditional university path and its hefty student loans? Did you know there are lucrative skilled trades in the UK that offer impressive salaries without a degree? In this article, we're diving into the world of these rewarding careers, revealing the top earners and highlighting exciting options without needing years of university studies. 



How to Get a Redundancy-Proof & Well Paying Job

The recent ITV article, "Help! We Need a Builder: Britain's Skills Shortage," shines a spotlight on a crucial issue: the UK faces a significant deficit of skilled tradespeople. With a whopping 50% of homeowners struggling to hire a skilled tradesperson. The reason: most skilled tradespeople are in such a high demand that they can’t take on new clients for 3-6 months . There is plenty of opportunity for ambitious and hard working people, who qualify in the trades and can secure a reliable income even in uncertain times. 

How to stay ahead of the crowd:

Get qualified today and build your experience:

With nearly a million new recruits needed in the next decade, qualified skilled tradespeople are in exceedingly high demand. This means countless job opportunities and competitive salaries await those who step up and fill the gap. Like with all new trends, demand is there NOW, but those who act fast will secure their position in the market and get much higher rewards. Getting trades qualification now is like investing in crypto in 2010. Invest in yourself now to be highly skilled when everyone else will be just trying to qualify. In several years, when the demand is even greater, you won’t be a beginner tradesperson, but a tradesperson with several years of experience under your belt. This means a 30-70% higher salary. 


Build an impressive portfolio with earn while you learn options: 

With one-third of skilled tradespeople nearing retirement, the need for fresh talent and the next generation of tradespeople has never been more important. This creates a direct path to success for those who enter the field now. 


Unlock profitable options:

Once qualified... there are many different paths and specialisations you can choose. From carpentry and roofing to renewable energy and sustainable construction, there will be a path that aligns with your interests.


Leave the unsatisfying job:

Many of our students are in their 40s and 50s. They make great tradespeople, because of their wide range of transferable skills, and can spend the rest of their career working on their terms. Many take great pleasure in working with their hands, helping people while earning a decent income.


How Access Training can help you build your future:

Access Training is your gateway to a rewarding career in the trades. We offer a variety of accredited courses, tailored to equip you with the skills and knowledge employers seek. Here's how we can support you:

  • Flexible learning options: Choose from classroom-based, online, or blended learning to fit your schedule and learning style.
  • Experienced trainers: Our industry-expert instructors share their real-world knowledge and practical guidance.
  • Career support: We provide ongoing support with job search strategies, interview preparation, and CV writing. Also, upon qualification, we share our students’ CVs with our affiliate partners in the trades. 

The trades industry is crying out for skilled individuals, and we are here to help you fill these roles. With our step-by-step training programs and ongoing support, we can empower you to launch a successful career in this exciting and in-demand field.

Get in touch today to explore our course options and take the first step towards building your future.




Are you tired of hearing about the traditional university path and its hefty student loans? Did you know there are lucrative skilled trades in the UK that offer impressive salaries without a degree? In this article, we're diving into the world of these rewarding careers, revealing the top earners and highlighting exciting options without needing years of university studies. 



For many Educators, the decision to leave the teaching profession can be a difficult one. However, for some, it may be the right step towards a fulfilling and rewarding career in the trades.

If you’re an ex-teacher in the UK looking for an alternative career path, there are many job opportunities available. With a shortage of skilled tradespeople in the UK, there's never been a better time to consider this path.



The world of trades and skilled craftsmanship plays a crucial role in our society, contributing to the construction, maintenance, and repair of essential infrastructure. Aspiring tradespeople often find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to choosing the most effective way to receive training. While colleges and apprenticeships have long been the norm, private trades training is an increasingly viable and efficient option. 



In a world that often emphasises traditional academic routes as the primary pathway to success, the value of skilled trades is sometimes overlooked. However, training as a skilled tradesperson offers a host of benefits that can lead to a fulfilling and prosperous career. Whether you're a recent school leaver, considering a career change, or simply exploring your options, here are five compelling reasons why training as a skilled tradesperson can be a fantastic alternative to traditional academic routes.


benefits of retraining in the trades industry 

The trades industry in the UK presents a promising choice for adult learners seeking a fulfilling career with attractive earning prospects. According to the UK Office for National Statistics, the median annual wage for workers in various construction trades was £35,000 in 2020. Additionally, there is a projected 10% growth in demand for skilled tradespeople from 2020 to 2030, significantly outpacing the average growth rate for all occupations.



Perhaps the one topic which has dominated recent discussions in the media is the oncoming energy crisis. It has been the subject of much debate and whilst no solution has yet to be presented one thing is certain: the UK faces a challenging winter ahead, and our energy bills are going to rise to unprecedented levels. This being said, there are still plenty of ways you can reduce the cost of your energy bills and minimise your energy output. 


In a couple of weeks, the furlough scheme is coming to an end and economists are predicting that what began as a safety net for millions of people, will still result in mass redundancies. But there are reports that construction businesses are expanding due to demand which is great news for those changing careers and getting a trade. 

Rewind back to the beginning of lockdown, a time when furlough seemed, to millions of people, like a blessed relief. It kept thousands of people afloat, supported businesses through a tough time, and made sure that the brutality of the pandemic wasn’t made worse by a crushing economic crash. 

But now, six months on, the end of the furlough scheme is rapidly approaching. Predictions are coming through surrounding the impact of the next six months. And it isn’t looking good. 

It's clear that the situation we’re in as a country is going to be very problematic for many. So we have compiled 5 important points about the current predicament, highlighted so that you have the information you need to make a decision about your future:


  • 1.8 million people are predicted to lose their jobs when furlough ends. Estimates now predict a massive surge in unemployment that could reach 12%.
  • 20% of people who received furlough are facing unemployment. According to the Office for Budget Responsibility, 8.9 million people benefited from the furlough scheme. 


  • The Office for National Statistics reports that between 7-20th of September, only 11% of workers were signed up to the furlough scheme. This is down from 36% in April.


  • The Bank of England reported that it is likely that businesses have been exiting the furlough scheme quicker than we think. They suggest that only 7% of workers are still receiving furlough in September. 
  • The Times reports that, due to ‘weaker demand and uncertainty about the outlook’ ahead, businesses are ‘slashing jobs and investment’. Many workers will not be able to protect themselves from the economic downturn. 


However, there is a shining light coming from the construction and trades sector


Powered Now has reported the fastest rise in construction output since 2015. This great news was based on information coming from the UK Construction PMI (Purchasing Managers Index).

The report also noted that UK construction companies had rapidly expanded their business activities during the summer as new business had increased in spite of the wider economic issues. Powered Now also made comment on Yahoo Finance regarding the welcomed upturn:


‘....the building sector is back! This is great news. It means that this important sector is doing its part in the recovery from Covid-19. The whole industry is still in catch up mode and projects delayed by the lockdown are taking priority. This has helped to spike demand and we expect it to continue…’

So the trades may well be the place to be for a new stable career! Maybe it's time to consider a new direction: Invest in yourself, invest in a new career, and invest in a trade.

Learn your trade. Get qualified. Make it happen.

The UK's economic recovery has 'Build, Build, Build' as its new mantra - so the future looks bright for skilled tradespeople in the construction industry.

Construction cranes

"We will build, build, build. Build back better, build back greener, build back faster, and do that at the pace that this moment requires," said Boris Johnson as he focused on trade skills to get the country back up and running.

This is a positive message for anyone considering a long-term career in the trades. The Prime Minister has promised a massive building programme to put jobs and infrastructure at the centre of his economic growth strategy.

New skilled trade job opportunities were promised, and the Prime Minister also highlighted the need to prioritise education. He said he wanted to end the current injustice, which he called "such a waste of human talent", and announced that his new plan would create "thousands of high-paid, high-skilled jobs", acknowledging that many jobs lost since January would not come back.

That's where Access Training Academies can help you. We can give you the trade skills you'll need to be part of this new initiative.

The government's £5 billion investment program is based around infrastructure projects that are designed to stimulate the UK economy and get people working in skilled trade jobs. This new initiative will only serve to encourage ​those considering a career change to become part of one of the only sectors that's likely to move forward quickly as the country comes out of lockdown.

The new construction-focused spending package includes:

  • £1.5 billion this year in hospital spending
  • Over £1 billion for a school rebuilding programme
  • £560 million for repairs and upgrades to schools and further education colleges
  • Millions of pounds to upgrade courts and prisons
  • £900 million for local projects
  • £96 million for town centres and funding to accelerate infrastructure projects in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

All of these projects will require electricians, plumbers, gas engineers and carpenters. So now is a fantastic time to learn a trade and join the construction industry - especially if the coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted your current line of work.

Boris Johnson's announcement was based on funding that offers many people great new opportunities. "That is how it is meant to sound and to be, because that is what the times demand," he added.

The future for skilled tradespeople has never been brighter. Call Access Training on 0800 345 7492 to discuss your new career options.

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