Frequently Asked Questions About Apprenticeships

Frequently Asked Questions About Apprenticeships

Frequently asked questions about apprenticeships

If you're looking at training for a new career or just considering your options, you may be considering an apprenticeship.

In this article, we address some of the more frequently asked questions about apprenticeships and how we can help you if you are considering a role in the trades. 


Apprenticeship FAQs

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What is an apprenticeship? 

An apprenticeship is an alternative way of gaining qualifications in an industry. Apprenticeships offer a route into a trade or industry whilst earning a wage, meaning you would gain your qualifications ‘on the job’. 

Similarly to an apprenticeship, Access’ Earn While You Learn route offers you an opportunity to get paid whilst you learn your trade. 


How much does an apprentice earn? 

Apprenticeship wages can vary depending on the role, the employer and the industry you are training in. The national apprenticeship wage is currently £5.28 per hour. 

With a traditional apprenticeship you may stay on this wage for the duration of your training. Alternative training routes, like Earn While You Learn can offer you a more liveable wage of up to £27,000 per year. 


Do I need a GCSE for an apprenticeship? 

You don’t need necessarily need GCSEs for a traditional apprenticeship, however, employers may ask for GCSEs as a minimum requirement. It will vary between employers and businesses. 

With an Access Apprenticeship, there are no prerequisites or qualifications needed when you start. No experience? No problem! 


What is the minimum age for an apprenticeship? 

Typically people undertake apprenticeships after secondary school but there is no minimum or maximum age. Adult apprenticeships are becoming increasingly more popular as they offer an option for people to change careers and take on something new. 


Are apprenticeships competitive? 

Traditional apprenticeships can be competitive as lots of people want to earn whilst they learn a skill, meaning that there may be less roles available and opportunities to train. There are alternative ways to gain qualifications outside of an apprenticeship though, and it is always worth exploring all the options before making a decision on your future career. 


Access Earn While You Learn

Access offers a different approach to the traditional apprenticeships where students can earn between £25,000 - £28,000 per year as a labourer whilst gaining their qualifications in the electrical, gas or plumbing trades. 

By undertaking an Access Apprenticeship, students could gain their qualifications faster than a tradition apprenticeships and earn a competitive wage and there is no previous requirements when it comes to qualifications or requirements, meaning it is perfect for anyone looking to make a start in the trades and into a lucrative career. 

For more information on our Earn While You Learn route into the trades, get in touch with our course advisors today.

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