10 Reasons You Should Become an Electrician

10 Reasons You Should Become an Electrician

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Electricians are always in high demand because of the crucial role the electrical industry plays in society. There are so many reasons to become an electrician in the UK, though, we’ve compiled this list of our top 10:

  1. Lucrative salaries
  2. Challenging work
  3. Varied work environment
  4. Career opportunities
  5. Be your own boss
  6. High demand
  7. Travel the world
  8. On the job training
  9. Skills for life
  10. Job satisfaction


Why Become an Electrician?

1) Lucrative salaries

No matter how you slice it, salaries are an important factor when determining your future career! The remunerative salaries available to electricians are one of the most popular reasons people are drawn to the profession.

In 2022 the Office for National Statistics reported that the average electrician’s salary is £32,540, which is considerably higher that the UK national average wage. Electricians are also largely the highest paid out of all the trades.

If you’d like to read more about the salary opportunities for electricians, check out our blog How Much Can You Earn as an Electrician?


2) Challenging work

When working as an electrician, you’re working with your hands and are faced with new problems to solve every day. To work as an electrician you need a variety of practical skills and a thorough knowledge of health and safety that will be put to use every day. Working as an electrician is a challenging and mentally stimulating career - you’re sure to never be bored!


3) Varied work environment

Trade jobs are very popular with those who can’t stomach the idea of having to sit behind a desk every day! When you work as an electrician you can find yourself called to all manner of places, and no two jobs are ever the same.

If you’re looking for a job where you can wake up in the morning not knowing what challenges the day might throw at you, you may very well be suited to work as an electrician!


4) Career opportunities

Once you’ve achieved your basic qualifications, there are many different fields you can specialise in as an electrician! Whether you’re interested in residential or commercial, industrial or utility, the variety of different sectors that are in need of electricians is incredible!


5) Be your own boss

When you’re a qualified and experienced electrician, the world is your oyster! Many electricians after achieving a few years of experience branch out and establish their own business. The freedom and flexibility that comes with being self-employed is unmatched, and there are few career paths better suited to self-employment then the trades.


6) High demand

No matter what, there is always going to be a demand for more electricians. Electricity is present in pretty much every aspect of our lives, so you don’t need to worry about ever being short of work! Job security is another popular reason people choose to become an electrician.


7) Travel the world

One of the great things about electricity is that it’s universal, and it works the same wherever you go. It’s fairly common for electricians to take advantage of this and travel to other countries (e.g. Australia) to work as an electrician, travelling the world all while earning money and gaining valuable work experience. It’s a win-win!


8) On the job training

One benefit of being an electrician is that there are so many schemes and opportunities that allow you to earn as you learn. This offers more opportunities for those who aren’t suited to or don’t have the freedom to enter traditional full-time education.

Access training offer earn-as-you-learn training schemes, designed to help you get trained up all whilst earning a full salary. If you’d like to learn more about our schemes, click the link below.  

Earn as You Learn Electrician Course


9) Skills for life

When you’re training to become an electrician, you’re being taught essential skills that will undoubtedly come in handy later in life. Just be aware that you’ll always be called by friends and family to help with any electrical problems they’re having in their house!


10) Job satisfaction

Sources show that those who work in the trades are among those most satisfied with their jobs. All of the above factors combine to create a career path that’s stimulating, lucrative, rewarding, and offers endless opportunities for career progression; it’s no wonder that so many electricians are satisfied with their work!

If you’re interested in training to become a qualified electrician, why not do it with Access Training? Access Training offer a wide variety of training courses including fast track, part time, and earn-as-you-learn to ensure that our courses are as accessible as possible.

We offer small class sizes to ensure that you get the one-on-one attention to get everything you can out of our courses, and offer years of career support after you graduate.

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