How Many Women Are in the Construction Industry?

How Many Women Are in the Construction Industry?


Construction is a heavily male-dominated trade, with only 16.2% of workers in the industry being female. This number is set to rise over time due to diminishing misconceptions surrounding gender-specific roles, but as of 2022, there's still a huge lack of women in the construction industry. This creates harmful stereotypes that can create hostile working environments for women in construction.


What challenges do women face in construction? 

As construction is a male-dominated industry, there are many challenges for women in construction. Including: 

  • Prejudiced attitudes and stereotypes: many women in construction find it difficult to earn the respect of their male counterparts due to misconceptions surrounding gender equality.
  • Pay inequality: the gender pay gap is still evident for women in construction, with men being paid 3.5% more than women just at entry-level.
  • Physical barriers: in trade, personal protective equipment (PPE) is fitted to a male body as standard. Women are also expected to wear PPE on-site, but this can be a barrier if it does not fit or if it is unsafe for a woman to wear.

Why does the construction industry need women construction workers? 

We know that all of these facts can easily sound off-putting - but we're working hard for change. And to do that, we have to start with the facts.
At Access Training, we champion diverse workplaces and we work hard by doing our bit towards making the trade industry equal and diverse. 

The construction industry needs diversity to introduce broader ideas and approaches within the industry. Women and men think differently, so a new approach and different strategies will create a well-rounded and pro-active industry.

Why is construction a male-dominated industry?

Constriction is a male-dominated industry due to ingrained gender stereotypes and sexism. Unfortunately, construction isn't always seen as a possible career move for women even though it's perfectly viable.

As a trade course provider, this tasked us with a role to encourage applicants to not see construction as a male-only career. The good news is - attitudes are changing, but there is still only the tiniest increase in female trade skilled professionals year on year. It's hard for a sector to shake the reputation of male-dominance, but this can only be done through action. 

How to become a construction worker

If you'd like to become a construction worker, then we have all the resources you could ever need. Including a friendly and supportive environment, flexible monthly payment options, and career support long after the completion of your chosen course. 

We have a range of construction courses available for women looking to get into construction work, including:

Gain industry-recognised construction qualifications and make the construction industry more diverse by becoming a construction worker today. Together, we can work towards equality for women in construction.

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