Over 200,000 Tradespeople Needed to Meet Industry Demand: What Does This Mean For You?

Over 200,000 Tradespeople Needed to Meet Industry Demand: What Does This Mean For You?


According to the most recent Construction Skills Network report, the construction industry is likely to continue to experience significant growth over the next 4 years. This growth surpasses previous expectations, indicating a strong demand for tradespeople in the present and the near future.

The report calculates that up to 225,000 additional workers may be needed in the construction industry in the next 4 years. The report also looked at the requirements by region: 

  • 22,800: Extra workers needed in Greater London by 2027
  • 19,050: Extra workers needed in East of England by 2027
  • 9,100: Extra workers needed in Wales by 2027
  • 17,500: Extra workers needed in East Midlands by 2027
  • 17,800: Extra workers needed in Yorkshire & the Humber by 2027

The previous report, published in 2021, projected that a certain number of workers would be sufficient to meet the growing demands of the industry after its recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the current report revises this target, indicating a higher demand for skilled workers. The updated projection suggests a substantial increase in the number of workers needed compared to the previous estimate.

If the industry manages to meet the projected growth with an adequate surge in recruitment, the total number of employed individuals within the construction industry will experience significant growth by the end of this year. The CEO of the Construction Industry Training Board emphasises that while certain roles such as carpenters, joiners, and construction managers will see the largest increase in demand, there will also be substantial surges in technical roles such as electricians, civil engineers, estimators and valuers, and office-based support staff.

The rapid growth anticipated in the construction industry this year will have an impact on the entire sector. The report underscores the importance of the construction industry as a whole and its vital role in supporting the economy. The industry's priority should be to accelerate recruitment efforts and develop a highly skilled workforce to meet the challenges of this year.

Tradespeople are currently in high demand, making this a crucial time to join the industry. Construction workers and Tradespeople will continue to contribute to the development of infrastructure, address housing needs, and provide crucial repair and maintenance services. The industry is actively seeking qualified professionals to meet the demands of the present and build a better future.

The time ahead for tradespeople has never been more relevant. Join the ranks now and become a skilled professional, making a significant impact in the construction industry this year.

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