What Are the Most Common Plumbing Jobs?

What Are the Most Common Plumbing Jobs?


In homes and properties across the UK, plumbing is incredibly important. Plumbing gives us constant, high-quality running water which provides us with working toilets and heating in the cold months. And we all know how important that is!

Plumbing is a very varied job role and plumbers can fix a range of different issues over the course of the working day. If you're interested in becoming a plumber, then these are some of the most common jobs you can expect to carry out. 


Leaky Pipes

If you find that your property has a leaky pipe, you should call a plumber right away. The alternative option is filling a lot of buckets with dirty water! The smell wouldn't be too pleasant, either.

If you leave a leaky pipe for too long, the pipe itself can take on too much pressure and burst, creating even more mess and damage. Whilst you can do a DIY repair on a leaky pipe, it is only a short-term solution. Your leaky pipe will only be permanently fixed with the help of an experienced plumber.


Drain Maintenance

There's nothing worse than a clogged drain. The smell, the sight, and the general gross-ness of it all is often too much for property owners to deal with. The whole point of a drain is to take waste water away from the property. So, when this doesn't happen, it's extremely disappointing and annoying!

Here's where the plumber comes in. Plumbers get called out to carry out drain maintenance extremely often, so they'll be able to identify any blockages or build-ups whether it be oil, hair or food waste.

Even better, they'll be able to remove the culprit blockage for you, leaving you with clean, working drains.


Leaking Radiators

If you have an electric heater, then a plumber may be able to help you with your heating problems. Alternatively, if you have a gas heater, you will need a Gas Safe registered engineer to help you out.

But, if you have an electric heater, a plumber can come and fix anything to do with your electric heater. Whether it be a leaky radiator or a slow-heating water temperature, plumbers frequently attend jobs to fix these sorts of issues.


Water Pressure

When you're having a relaxing shower, you obviously want to feel clean and refreshed. A shower head with poor water pressure can be annoying and unsatisfying, so this is another common plumbing job that plumbers get called out for. They'll be able to take a look at your boiler and shower to ensure that it's at your desired pressure. 


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