What Trade Course Is Right For Me?

What Trade Course Is Right For Me?


If you’re looking for a career in trade, you may be feeling a bit lost about what job role to choose.

There’s no denying that the trade industry is a great to get your teeth stuck into - there are always jobs available and you also get the brilliant satisfaction of hands-on work. But how do you choose your pathway?

If you're finding yourself asking - what course is right for me? Here are the characteristics and qualities needed for each of our courses to help you decide…


What skills/qualities do I need to be an electrician? 

  1. Strong problem-solving skills

If you have strong problem-solving skills, then you'll have the impressive ability to think both creatively and analytically. This means you’ll be more than able to rise to the various challenges within your job role, as you can solve problems and navigate through the hurdles of intricate tasks.

  1. Thorough organisation skills

Being an electrician can be stressful and dangerous at times, depending on the task at hand. It’s important to have good organisation skills to ensure your own, and your customers’ safety and to ensure that you complete your job to a high standard.

  1. A methodical and calm manner

Electrical work can be intense due to the pressure of the job, and because of various safety issues. It’s important to be able to rationalise and think clearly and calmly in times of pressure.

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What skills do I need to be a gas engineer? 

  1. The ability to work individually, and in a team

As a gas engineer, you will sometimes be working solo and sometimes working within a team. It’s important that you can work productively alone, whilst also ppossessing the skills to work collaboratively.

  1. A hunger for learning

The gas industry is vital to a working society – it gives us warmth, and fuels power stations that provide electricity to homes and businesses across the globe. It’s a high-pressure sector, as all the work you complete is important to the running of everyday life.

To be an exceptional gas engineer, you should stay up to date with current industry news and always be open to learning more about the industry.

  1. Excellent communication skills

You’ll need to be able to communicate with customers, and relay information that they may find difficult to understand. 

It’s vital to communicate effectively and clearly to avoid any safety miscommunications or customer confusion.

Browse our gas courses here. 


What skills/qualities do I need to become a plumber? 

  1. Comfortable working at height

Plumbing involves a lot of drainage work, meaning you will have to be confident in using a ladder and working at height. If you’re okay with being heights and you are confident that you can carry out your work to a soaring standard, then plumbing may be the path for you!

  1. Interest in interpreting plans, drawings and specifications

You may have a bit of an arty-creative side, and if you do, plumbing could be your new forte. Your day-to-day could involve analysing floorplans, technical drawings, and analysing specifications – so any interest in this area is a huge advantage.

  1. A good standard of physical fitness

As a plumber, you’ll need to get used to confined spaces. A lot of plumbing work takes place in small cabinets, cupboards, and crawl holes – so you’ll need to be able to manoeuvre yourself around comfortably and safety.

You may also be spending a lot of time kneeling or crouching in these areas, so physical fitness is a priority.

Browse our plumbing courses here


What skills/qualities do I need to become a builder? 

  1. Enjoys teamwork

Depending on the job at hand, builders tend to work collaboratively. If you’re social, and you enjoy whistling while you provide high-quality work, then becoming a builder may work in your favour.

  1. Number and calculation skills

With construction comes calculations – there’s a lot of maths involved in creating something! You’ll be using geometry, algebra, and trigonometry to create the most sustainable and safe structures on a daily basis.

  1. Appreciates working with their hands

There’s no way to avoid working with your hands when you become a builder – it’s the best way to get your hands dirty and to get stuck in! You will be on your feet and using your hands all day, so if you enjoy physically intense jobs, construction is your perfect pathway.

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Are you ready for your next step? 

Access Training is one of the UK’s top training providers. We have helped thousands of people – of all ages and from all kinds of different backgrounds – to embark on successful careers in the trade industry. If you've been wondering - what course is right for me? - we hope this has given you helpful insight!

Our courses blend classroom learning with hands-on training sessions, giving you a sturdy foundation on which to build your new career.

The theory portion of courses can be delivered online, allowing you to develop your knowledge at home while still interacting with our tutors and your coursemates in real-time.

The support we provide begins the moment you sign up – and it continues even when you’re fully qualified! Our dedicated Career Support Team will have your back every step of the way.

If you’d like to enroll on a course with us, please contact us today to discuss your options with one of our friendly course advisors.

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